Welcome to the Registrar's Office

Requests are responded to within 1 to 3 business days. To ensure the best handling of your request, please include your student ID# on any correspondence sent to registrar@coloradocollege.edu - you need only email once! If you have not received a response by the 3rd business day please feel free to call us direct at 719-389-6610 or stop by Armstrong Hall, #112 during our in-office hours, Monday thru Thursday from 8:30am - 5:00pm. 

Home Stretch! Don't forget to check your schedules before you begin the final block of the academic year to ensure you are enrolled in the right class (waitlists are not official enrollments and have been dropped as of 4/22). In Block 8... we are finishing Fall Preregistration at the end of week 1 and processing results the following week. We are also beginning our graduation review for May candidates! All Senior grades are due by 2pm on 5/18! Staying focused is essential for a successful block ahead. Hope you had a wonderful Block Break and best wishes as we enter Block 8; Honors Convocation and Graduation are right around the corner!

General Registration Announcements

Fall Preregistration Processed! Add/Drop Opens Wed 5/4 @Noon

Fall Preregistration results have been processed! Over 13,000 registration records were entered into Preregistration for students returning to CC next academic year; Fall registrations processed and Spring drafts were saved.  Students can now see how they’ve placed for Fall 2022 by viewing their schedules in Banner and Stellic.
Students who have been waitlisted for any course or need to make a schedule change, should use Add/Drop starting Wed at noon; 5/4. The Add/Drop registration application in Banner SSB is the fastest, most efficient method to change classes. Students can keep themselves on a waitlist for a course while they register for a back-up course that has available seats (be careful not to bump yourself off of a waitlist!)

If you have any issues, please stop by the Registrar’s office.

What Does Being On A Waitlist Mean?

Whether its a result of Preregistration, or you have found a new course you'd like to take that is full, a waitlisted course is seen as your primary/preferred course for a given block and you will be moved into the class and bumped out of a previous class if your position opens up to you before the block begins. Waitlisted registrations are temporary/unofficial so if you do not make it into a seat, you will no longer see it on your schedule starting the Friday before the block begins as unofficial registrations are dropped for the upcoming block. There is one final opportunity to make it into a class on days 1 and 2 per the Add registration deadline. You can learn more about these deadlines and what it means to add or drop a waitlist by reviewing the information under the Registration Menu > About Add Drop > Registration Deadlines

Block 8 Registration Reminders

Finalized class rosters and ending waitlists are sent to professors the Friday before a block begins!

Once rosters are sent for the upcoming block: 

  • Temporary registrations (waitlists and GS391s) are DROPPED. Any student that was left on a waitlist or in a general studies placeholder will no longer see a registration for the upcoming block as these were temporary/non-credit bearing registrations and will need to register for a new course. 
  • Course adds are temporarily disabled over the weekend prior to the beginning of the block (between the time of when final rosters are sent to professors and the start of the block). This is to allow all students and faculty to plan for the upcoming block.
  • All registration "Adds" require a COI PIN (consent of instructor pin) to be used in the Add/Drop, on Days 1 and 2 of block.

Quick Look at Block Registration Deadlines

To see a full timeline and helpful tips, see our "About Add Drop" under our Registration Menu. 

  • Course ADD Deadline for each block is by 5pm, Day 2 of Block (1st Tue)
  • Course DROP Deadline for each block is by 5pm, Day 7 of Block (2nd Tue)
  • Grade-Track Change Extension Policy Deadline for each block is by 5pm, Last Day of Block

Find Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Below

A viable office to know on campus is the Registrar's Office. From transferring credits in, to registering for classes, verifying enrollment, and working with you through graduation (and beyond!) The Registrar and his staff are here to ensure the integrity of the student record while engaging students to be aware of academic policies and procedures.

The Registrar's Office is dedicated to supporting students with:

  • FERPA Requests, Address and Name Changes
  • Registration Questions (Add/Drop, Preregistration, and Waitlists)
  • Maintaining Student Academic Records
  • Transcript Requests, Diploma Replacements
  • Credit Transfer (includes AP/IB) 
  • Creating Senior Thesis and Independent Study 
  • Degree Evaluation and Stellic Audit
  • Certifying Eligibility for Graduation
  • Apply to Graduate
  • Enrollment Verifications
  • VA Enrollment Certifications
  • Major and Minor Declarations
  • Grade Track Changes and Excused Grade Petitions


Take a look below at our responses to commonly asked questions but feel free to call us at 719-389-6610 or send an email to registrar@coloradocollege.edu if there is anything further we can assist with.

See our Transfer Credit Guidelines page for more information
One unit at CC is equal to four (4) credit hours at a semester school or six (6) credit hours for a quarter term school.

The Registrar's Office at Colorado College will accept official transcripts from an accredited university via the following two ways: 

  • Electronically: official transcripts can be emailed to registrar@coloradocollege.edu
  • By Paper: official transcripts can be mailed to Office of the Registrar, Colorado College, 14 East Cache La Poudre St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903

*PLEASE NOTE* In order for an official transcript to be accepted for evaluation, they must come directly from an accredited institution either directly or through their ordering services. If an official transcript is being sent via mail the envelope must remain sealed, untampered with in order to remain official. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted. 

See our Registration pages for more information

Students have until 5pm of the second day of the block to add a new class. A COI (consent of instructor) PIN is required for any class adds once the block begins (includes new courses, swaps, and being let in off of a waitlist). This PIN (6-letter combination) will be obtained from the instructor of the course and can be used in Add/Drop in Banner to officially register until 5pm on the second day of the class. 

*PLEASE NOTE* If a professor adds you to their Canvas page for you to access the course materials this is NOT considered an official registration change. Students are responsible for their registration and must obtain the COI PIN from the professor and use this 6-letter code in Add/Drop to officially update their registration. 

Most likely you were never officially registered for a course this block. Students that were only waitlisted for a course for the current block were in temporary/unofficial registrations which are dropped the Friday before the block starts after the Final Course Rosters and Wait Lists were sent out to faculty. 

If you were left on a waitlist and were let in on days one or two, you'll need to officially register yourself into the course by requesting for the COI PIN from the professor and adding yourself using the Add/Drop registration application in Banner SSB. You may officially register up until 5pm on the second day of block. 

If you noticed this discrepancy after the add deadline has past, send an email to registrar@coloradocollege.edu with your student ID#, course CRN, course ID, title, and professor along with the COI PIN you were provided (or a forwarded approval email from the professor) and the Registrar's Office staff would be happy to assist you. 

The grade-track change extension policy is still in place! Effective starting Block 7, Spring 2020, students have until 5pm on the last day of the block to switch their grade-track and can do so using Add/Drop in Banner or sending an email request with the student's ID, course information (CRN, Course ID, and Title) and grade track they would liketo switch to before 5pm on the last day of the class. 

See the Credits and Grades Policy page for information about grade-tracks. 

CC believes in offering students the versatility in grading system options. Students might consider a pass/fail option to alleviate the fear of receiving a poor grade; the passing mark "S" is equivalent to a C- or better and will satisfy any requirement associated to a course including General Education and Major requirements (unless a program has explicit grading policies of their own). There are no restrictions placed on the number of courses a student may choose to take pass/fail unless they are considering some of these options:

  • Students seeking the Dean's List, Department Distinctions, or Honors are encouraged to review the Policy page before deciding to take a course pass/fail.
  • Students who are planning competitive graduate programs (particularly pre-med) are strongly encouraged to take courses for letter grades. 
  • Students who take a course on a pass/fail are able to request a letter on letterhead written by the professor of the course to explain what letter grade they would have received had they taken the course for a grade. A copy of this letter can be retained in the student's file in the Registrar's Office and sent as a supplemental document with their transcript upon request (please select that you have an attachment in the transcript ordering process to allow for a letter to be sent with an official transcript).

With permission from the professor of a course, a student may take a course for an audit which would grant them a grade mark of "Z" on the transcript as a record of taking the course. No credit is awarded towards graduation and a student's GPA is not affected by a "Z" grade if completed successfully based on the arrangement with the professor. However, students can fail a course taken for an audit if they do not follow the arrangement discussed with the professor. 

To switch a course to an audit, please send an email to registrar@coloradocollege.edu with the professor's COI PIN or forwarded email approval along with your student ID and course information (CRN, Course ID, Title). Students are not able to switch to an audit to avoid a failing mark. Further confirmation may be sought by the Registrar's Office to the professor if a request to switch to an audit is received after week two of the current block.

Try clearing your browsing history/cache - close ALL browser windows before opening a new session and trying again. If the problem persists, please share a screenshot of the error you have received to registrar@coloradocollege.edu along with your student ID, course information (CRN, Course ID, and Title) along with a brief explanation of what you are trying to do in Add/Drop. The Registrar's Office and ITS team work quickly to resolve reported errors in the registration systems. If you receive an error (in error!)  clearing your cache/history and restarting your browser is often a successful first troubleshoot solution.


Students have until 5pm of the second Tuesday of the block to drop their class. They may do so in Add/Drop in Banner which will also send a notification to the instructor on their behalf. Students are still required to complete a Block Off form with the Student Opportunities and Advising Hub (the Hub) for official approval on taking the block off. 

*PLEASE NOTE* If a professor drops you from their Canvas page this is NOT considered an official registration change. Students are responsible for their registration and must drop their class in Add/Drop to officially update their registration and complete the Block Off paperwork in the Hub. 

No. If a course registration is dropped by the drop deadline for the current block (second Tuesday), than no record is recorded on the student's transcript.

However, if a student fails to drop a course by the deadline and has not attended the course, they are at risk of receiving a "WF" grade mark which is an administrative fail. Learn more about this grade by reviewing the Credits and Grades Policy page. 

Students who have missed the drop deadline for the block (Second Tuesday) can explore the following options. It is too late to drop the course for the block but you may do one of the following: 

Changing your grade track – Students have until 5pm on the last day of block to switch their grade-track with the extension policy in still in place. This can be done thru the Add/Drop application in Banner SSB. A pass/fail grade track might be helpful if you are looking to complete the course still but are worried about the impacts to your GPA. On the pass/fail track, your grading mark to shoot for is an “S” which is a C- or better to receive credit and any degree requirement designations. Pass/fail marks do not count towards your GPA unless you fail (NC). 

Taking an incomplete – Students who are still interested in completing the course but may want more time in finishing their assignments may request this option by working with their professor. This provides you additional time to complete assignments as arranged with your professor. By default, the timeframe to complete an incomplete is within 3-blocks unless your professor requests for your assignments sooner. If you would like to explore this option, feel free to connect with your professor. The Registrar's Office grading specialist, Karen West is also a great contact point if you have a need to ask further questions about this process. 

Petitioning for an Excused Grade – Students who are looking to no longer take the course and its beyond the drop period of the course would be seeking a Petition for an Excused Grade. This process is initiated through the Registrar's Office by sending an email request to registrar@coloradocollege.edu.  Petitions require the completion of a form which is provided to you after your initial request is submitted in addition to supporting documentation (medical/counselor note for example) to justify your need to no longer take the course beyond the drop period. The professor's support is also requested in the process. If the petition is granted and processed, you will see a grading mark of “Y” on your transcript – this indicates you were registered and attempted the course but for whatever “approved” reason, you were granted permission to withdraw from the course without penalty. A “Y” grade on your transcript does not negatively impact your record.

The Office of the Registrar oversees student's eligibility for graduation ensuring that all degree requirements have been met. See the Commencement page for more information about Graduation Ceremonies
Students who have enough units to be eligible for graduation will be contacted by the Registrar via email prior to each graduating term (Winter and Spring). Students who are eligible will be able to complete the Apply To Graduation application available from the Student menu in Banner SSB. This application typically opens in block 3 and is accessible to both intended Winter and Spring graduates. The application closes for the year typically at the end of block 7.

If a student feels their course could be used to satisfy a requirement it currently is not approved for, they should start by speaking with the professor of the course in case their support is requested. They may also wish to connect with the Chair of the department in case the course is already in the review process or if they wish the course to meet a major requirement.

To petition a course to count for a college requirement, students can send their request, course description and syllabus, and rationale to the Dean of the College unless the requirement is the writing requirement which would then need to be sent to the Director of the Writing Program.

See our Transcripts page for more information

Official transcripts are ordered online at coloradocollege/offices/registrar/transcripts (also available electronically!)

Unofficial transcripts for current students can be requested by sending an email request to registrar@coloradocollege.edu. Alumni can complete the unofficial transcript request form available on our "Order Your Transcript" webpage. 

College students' records are protected by the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA). It restricts institutions from releasing grades and other educational records without the student's written permission. Students may view their grades online through the student system, Self-Service Banner (SSB), after grades have been submitted and recorded by the registrar's office. Since the system is student-controlled, we encourage students to share grade information with their parents. Parents can view grades through the SSB system by knowing their student's ID number and passcode. Students can also make a written request for a transcript to be sent to parents from the registrar's office. Colorado College does not mail grade reports home, it is the student's responsibility to share grades with their parents.
Students are able to review and their information at the beginning of each semester through the Term Check-In process. The Term Check-In process now allows students to update their current/physical address as well! If any changes need to be made outside of Term Check-In, a request form may be filled out from Our Services webpage. If you do not see a request form for the change that needs to be made, please feel free to give us a call or send an email and we'd be happy to further assist you.

For Current Students - The Registrar's Office can print an official letter to state that you are a full-time student, when you plan to graduate, grade point average, or other enrollment information as needed by your health insurance company, auto insurance company, or other entity. Simply fill out the online verification of enrollment request form available on Our Services webpage and return it for processing. We kindly as for 2-3 business days for processing requests.

For Alumni and Third Party - Colorado College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. If you are an alumni, 3rd party requester, or need a verification of NOT enrolled, the National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:

Mail: National Student Clearinghouse, 2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300, Herndon, VA 20171
The Registrar's Office oversees address changes for students. A request form is available on Our Services webpage to complete and return to our office for processing at: registrar@coloradocollege.edu. If a parent address needs to be updated, please connect further with Parents & Families.

If the name change is unofficial (preferred, chosen) you may stop by, give us a call, or send us an email and we are happy to update your record.

If the name change is a legal name change, please fill out the appropriate form available on Our Services webpage and provide a copy of the official documentation (court order, marriage license, social security card, divorce decree).

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