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Requests are responded to within 1 to 3 business days. To ensure the best handling of your request, please include your student ID# on any correspondence sent to registrar@coloradocollege.edu - you need only email once! If you have not received a response by the 3rd business day please feel free to call us direct at 719-389-6610 or stop by Armstrong Hall, #112 during our in-office hours, Monday thru Thursday from 8:00am - 5:00pm. 

Congratulations Class of 2024! Best wishes to you as you begin your next endeavors.Transcripts will reflect your degree statements as early as mid-June (check Banner before you place any transcript orders to confirm your final grades have been posted). Students who are registered in the Summer courses, don't forget to review your schedules before beginning the block to ensure you are enrolled in the right course. Over the Summer... the Registrar's Office is open during regular business hours to support students with their enrollment and credentialing needs. Hope everyone has a wonderful and restful summer and we'll see you back in the Fall!




The Graduation Applications for Spring 2024 is Closed (4/19)



By completing a graduation application, students are confirming their intentions to graduate; opting in/out of ceremony participation and announcements; and initiating a review with the registrar to be certified for a degree. Responses to applications are shared with the following stakeholders: registrar, advisors, department chairs, college events.  


Spring Graduates | Degree Conferral *in-progress*
  • The official degree conferral process takes place in Block 8 for Spring 2024 candidates.
  • During this review period, candidates will have their academic records reviewed for completion. The following degree conditions must be completed as of the end of Block 8: 32-units earned minimum with residency obligations; general education requirements (or former all-college set); major requirements; no I/IP pending grade marks.
  • Those who have applied but are found during the review process to have remaining requirements outstanding, will be eligible for the next graduation period; Summer 2024. 

Applications for Spring 2024 are closed. The degree conferral process between the Registrar academic department(s) will take place over Block 8. A successful candidate will have completed the items listed below ahead of the Block 8 graduation review.


  • Applied to Graduate by 4/19
  • Declared in their major(s) and/or minor(s) 
  • Scheduled a graduation review appointment with their advisor(s).  
  • Proof their Stellic record with their advisor(s)! Do not ignore (red) marks as they indicate something is missing. Students should work with their advisor(s) and department chair to understand why.
    • If a course should be counting in their progress on Stellic,an exception must be made.  
    • All requirements should reflect either completed (green) or registered to be completed (yellow) by end of Block 8 to remain eligible for graduation.
    • Students who have an incomplete Stellic record should anticipate email outreach from the Registrar to verify accuracy, resolve potential concerns, and/or to discuss options moving forward. Please do not ignore communication outreach from the Registrar’s Office as this could jeopardize an ability to resolve an issue that keeps you from graduating on time.
  • Finish remaining requirements! This includes any remaining “IP” or “I” marks on their transcript by end of Block 8.
  • If there is missing transfer credit on the student's record, an official transcript must be sent to the Registrar’s Office ASAP.
  • Verify name for print! Students can review their information by physically stopping by the Registrar’s Office (posted on windows by end of week 3). Or, students can also refer to their graduation application by selecting View Graduation Application in Banner SSB.
  • Name Coach is also provided the name submitted in your graduation application and will communicate with you separately on pronunciation.
  • Stay informed with graduation events from the College Events office  
Marching Only Eligibility Conditions (an option for Commencement participation for those who fall short in the Spring) 

Students must meet all degree requirements by end of Block 8 to graduate and receive a diploma. Degree requirements include: major, general education, and 32-unit. For students who are within their final two degree requirements by end of Block 8 will continue to remain eligible to participate at Commencement but will not graduate and receive a diploma until remaining requirements are finished. If you think you’ll fall in this category, please apply and reach out to our office so that we can discuss a marching only option that keeps you on the list for the Commencement ceremony.  

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Fall 2024 Schedules Are Out!

The Add/Drop registration application opened for Fall 2024 changes as of May 1st.


Fall 2024 Preregistration results were processed and announced on Tuesday (4/30). Schedules are available to review in both Banner and Stellic. Students are encouraged to connect with their advisors if they have any questions about schedule planning. Check out our "Post-Registration Season..." under our About Preregistration page.


For-Credit Half Block 2025 Registration Is Open!

Half Block (H Block) is an optional block offered in January for students who decide to return early from Winter Break and earn an extra half unit (0.50) towards their requirements. Courses offered in Half Block can be found int he Course Schedule under the Spring 2025 term and are listed under "H" Block.


All students are able to register for H Block as of May 1st. Learn more about half block and how to register for h block from our About Add Drop page.

Transferring Credit Into CC?

Colorado College accepts transfer credit from previous college work completed by a student. The College can apply a maximum of 8.00 CC units (sophomore standing) in total transfer credit to students admitted as a first-year student and 16.00 CC units (junior standing) in total transfer credit to students admitted as a transfer student.

When Is Add/Drop Disabled?

Course adds are temporarily disabled over the weekend prior to the start of a new block. Adding a course using Add/Drop is prevented between the time when final rosters are sent to professors on Friday until the start of the new block on Monday. This is to allow all students and faculty time to plan for the upcoming block. Once a new block begins, "Adds" require the COI PIN (consent of instructor pin) to be used in the Add/Drop registration application, on Days 1 and 2 of block.

What qualifies as an "Add"?

  • getting in off of a waitlist
  • correcting a Preregistration placeholder
  • swapping classes
  • adding new classes

Students are required to use the online registration application to update their registration. Add/Drop is linked to Canvas and will update access to a Canvas page based on the registered course. Drop notifications are sent automatically from Add/Drop during the block's registration periods.

What Is A "Temporary" Registration?

Temporary registrations are not official and bear 0.00 credit. Waitlists and Preregistration placeholder courses, GS391 and GS392 are considered temporary registrations. Because these are not official registrations, when final class rosters are distributed to faculty before the new block begins, temporary registrations are dropped. Students who had a temporary registration for the new block are no longer considered enrolled and must update their registration on Days 1 and 2 of the new block by using Add/Drop and an instructor's COI PIN (or through one of the applications linked below). Learn more about registration deadlines.

If you are on a waitlist and no longer want to be, please use Add/Drop to remove yourself. A waitlisted course is considered your preferred course choice. You will be moved into the vacated seat and automatically dropped from your current course registration should a seat open to you ahead of the block.

If you are registered in a GS391, this Preregistration placeholder MUST be replaced with an approved independent study or thesis course. Please make sure to replace any “GS391, PLACEHOLDER ONLY (Senior Thesis/Ind. Study)” on your schedule by completing one of the following:

Some departments handle the creation/assignment of independent blocks for their majors directly (i.e. Economics, Sociology, etc.) If you are a declared student in such a department, please make sure to follow the department's instructions on how to correctly register for your thesis and/or independent research block.
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