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Registrar's Office

                                         Welcome Back Students!


 We hope everyone had a wonderful spring break. Now let's all get ready to focus on finishing the last two blocks of this year and the upcoming preregistration for 2019-20. we’d like to send out this helpful reminder of things to take care of before you leave for the summer break.

  • Seniors!!! Have you applied to graduate? If not, please do so ASAP!!  Please make sure to complete the application link, “Apply to Grad” found in your Student Menu in SSB.
  • Preregistration for 2019-20 will be open March 25 - April 26.  See further instructions for students and faculty in the black box below.
  • Do you still have a “GS391” on Your Schedule? Please make sure to replace any “GS391” placeholders on your schedule by completing a green “Independent Study/Thesis” form found at the Registrar’s office. Once completed, you will return this to us for processing. Stop by and see us if you have any questions here.
  • Minors- are you planning to declare a minor? Why wait? Do it before you leave for summer.
  • Is Your Advisor Listed in Banner Correctly? Please review the Advisor listed under your Student Information in Banner! Your Preregistration Passcode will be released to the contact that is listed in this section. If this needs to be updated, please stop by the Registrar’s office to pick up a “Change of Advisor” request form.

Any questions can be directed to the registrar’s office at or call us: 719-389- 6610.

Did you know?

  • Waitlists are dropped the first day of a course. If a professor lets you in off the waitlist, you must come to the Registrar's Office and add it to your schedule, with the professor's signature or their PIN code on an add/drop form.
  • All students are required to Check-In the beginning of each semester.
  • If you see a grade of "GW" (grade withheld), it means you still need to complete the course evaluation in SSB. Once you've completed the evaluation, your grade will change on your transcript.