Welcome to the Registrar's Office

Requests are responded to within 1 to 3 business days. To ensure the best handling of your request, please include your student ID# on any correspondence sent to registrar@coloradocollege.edu - you need only email once! If you have not received a response by the 3rd business day please feel free to call us direct at 719-389-6610 or stop by Armstrong Hall, #112 during our in-office hours, Monday thru Thursday from 8:00am - 5:00pm. 

Don't forget to check your schedules to make sure you are enrolled in the right course this block! In Block 2... we are finalizing Term Check-In results for Fall Snapshot, gearing up for Half Block registration and Spring Preregistration season in addition to the opening of this year's graduation application. Is it too early to countdown to Fall Break? 

General Registration Announcements

Half Block 2023! Registration Opens Oct 24

Half Block (H Block) is an optional block offered in January for students who decide to return early from Winter Break and earn an extra half unit (0.50) towards their requirements. Courses offered in Half Block can be found int he Course Schedule under the Spring 2023 term and are listed under "H" Block.


All students will be able to participate in H Block registration starting at noon on Monday, October 24th (first day of Block 3). An announcement email is to be shared to students on 10/3/22. Please note, full credit course offerings are no longer available in January. Learn more about half block and how to register for half block courses here


Are You On A Waitlist?

If you are on a waitlist and no longer want to be, please use Add/Drop to remove yourself. A waitlisted course is a temporary registration but is seen as your preferred course choice. You will be moved into the vacated seat and automatically dropped from your current course registration should a seat open to you. Waitlists for each block are dropped the weekend prior when class rosters are finalized. If you do not make it into a class from the waitlist before it is dropped, you are no longer considered enrolled and must update your registration by day 2 of block using Add/Drop and an instructor’s COI PIN. Learn more about registration deadlines here.


Do You Have A "GS391" Placeholder On Your Schedule?

The GS391 is a 0.00 credit Preregistration Placeholder that MUST be replaced with an approved independent study or thesis course. Please make sure to replace any “GS391, PLACEHOLDER ONLY (Senior Thesis/Ind. Study)” on your schedule by completing one of the following:

Blockly Registration Reminders

Final class rosters and closing waitlists are sent to professors the Friday before a block begins!

Once rosters are sent for the upcoming block: 

  • Temporary registrations (waitlists and GS391s) are DROPPED. Any student that was left on a waitlist or in a general studies placeholder will no longer see a registration for the upcoming block as these were temporary/non-credit bearing registrations and will need to register for a new course. 
  • Course adds are temporarily disabled over the weekend prior to the beginning of the block (between the time of when final rosters are sent to professors and the start of the block). This is to allow all students and faculty to plan for the upcoming block.
  • All registration "Adds" require a COI PIN (consent of instructor pin) to be used in the Add/Drop, on Days 1 and 2 of block.

Quick Look at Block Registration Deadlines

To see a full timeline and helpful tips, see our "About Add Drop" under our Registration Menu. 

  • Course ADD Deadline for each block is by 5pm, FIRST TUESDAY of Block
  • Course DROP Deadline for each block is by 5pm, SECOND TUESDAY of Block
  • Grade-Track Change Extension Policy Deadline for each block is by 5pm, LAST TUESDAY of Block
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