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Registrar's Office




                *******NEW COURSES 2015-16**********

crn: 10552   PH303 4411 Advanced Topics in Philosophy:  Speculative Realism 

An exploration of recent attempts in European and Anglo-American philosophy to re-establish the possibility of knowing the real as it is in itself through a critique of Kant’s insistence on the essential finitude of human knowledge. The focus of the course will be on writings of Quentin Meillassoux, Graham Harman, Ray Brassier, and Jane Bennett.  Prerequisites: 2 blocks of Philosophy or Consent of Instructor

Alumni or Third Party Degree/Enrollment Verification

Colorado College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:



Mail:     National Student Clearinghouse

2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300

Herndon, VA 20171

Enrollment verifications for Current Students:

The Colorado College Registrar's Office still provides enrollment verifications for current students.  You may stop by the office for information, or you can download our form at:


Sign up for Summer 2015 Courses has begun! Please contact Summer Session for further information.  On-campus add forms are available in the Summer Session Office, 2nd floor Armstrong.

ALL summer courses require a deposit!!

OFF Campus Courses:  You must go to the International Programs Office (Armstrong 2nd floor) or the Summer Session Office to get ADD forms for ALL Off-Campus courses. The Registrar's Office does not have these.



 The Registrar's Office is open 8:30-5:00 Monday-Friday.


                             Did you know?

  • Waitlists are dropped the first day of a course. If a professor lets you in off the waitlist, you must come to the Registrar's Office and add it to your schedule, with the professor's signature on an add/drop form.

  • All students are required to Check-In the beginning of each semester.

  • If you see a grade of "GW" (grade withheld), it means you still need to complete the course evaluation in SSB.  Once you've completed the evaluation, your grade will change on your transcript.






Important Dates 2014-15

Fall Semester

  • August 23                 8:00 am Residence halls open for new students
  • Aug. 23 - Aug. 31       New Student Week
  • Aug. 30                     8:00 am Residence halls open for returning students
  • Sept. 1                     Instruction begins 10:30 am
  • Sept. 1                     9-10:00 am Opening Convocation, Shove Chapel
  • Sept. 4                     Last day to change grade track block 1
  • Sept. 9                     Last day to drop block 1
  • Sept. 24                    Last day block 1
  • Sept. 29                    Block 2 begins
  • Sept. 29 - Oct. 10      New Student and New Transfer Preregistration for blocks 3-8
  • Oct. 15                     Preregistration results available on SSB. All schedule changes must now be                                done on drop/add forms in the Registrar's Office
  • Oct. 2                       Last day to change grade track block 2
  • Oct. 7                       Last day to drop block
  • Oct. 22                     Block 2 ends
  • Oct. 27                     Block 3 begins
  • Oct. 30                     Last day to change grade track block 3
  • Nov. 4                       Last day to drop block 3
  • Nov. 19                     Block 3 ends
  • Nov. 24                     Block 4 begins
  • Nov. 27-30                Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec. 1                       Block 4 resumes
  • Dec. 2                       Last day to change grade track Block 4
  • Dec. 5                       Last day to drop Block 4
  • Dec. 19                     Block 4 ends, 12:00 noon
  • Dec. 20 - Jan. 4          Winter Break. College closed