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Registrar's Office

 Preregistration is changing! 

The Office of the Registrar is pleased to announce changes to the Preregistration process for 2018-19.

  1.   The time frame for the entire process has been extended to 5 weeks; March 26th – April 27th
  2.   Students will preregister for only one semester at a time.  This preregistration will be for the Fall 2018 semester only. 
  3.   Students will have 40 points instead of 80. 
  4.   There will be another preregistration in the Fall for course selection for the Spring 2019 semester.  Spring 2019 courses will be available for viewing so you could still plan your entire year.
  5.   Students will be able to submit a draft preregistration before seeing their advisors.  Once the draft is approved, they will be able to submit their selections in SSB with the Preregistration Passcode that they get from their advisors.

Any questions can be directed to the registrar’s office at or call us: 719-389- 6610.

Did you know?

  • Waitlists are dropped the first day of a course. If a professor lets you in off the waitlist, you must come to the Registrar's Office and add it to your schedule, with the professor's signature on an add/drop form.
  • All students are required to Check-In the beginning of each semester.
  • If you see a grade of "GW" (grade withheld), it means you still need to complete the course evaluation in SSB. Once you've completed the evaluation, your grade will change on your transcript.