About Preregistration (Year/Semester Registration)

Preregistration is the formal process for registering for courses in advance. Preregistration at Colorado College is unique in that the Points System (a 40-point per semester, sealed bid-system) will determine who is enrolled and who is placed on a waiting list for a course based on the student's point bid. Colorado College's academic year is broken up into 8 blocks; blocks 1 - 4 which take place in the Fall and blocks 5 - 8 which take place in the Spring. Students are required to register in a course for each block per semester. The majority of block courses take place over a one-block period (1-unit), however, there are also block course offerings that take place over a two-block period (2-units). Students can sign up for any combination of the two to total a minimum of 4 units each semester. To submit their Preregistration for processing, each student is assigned a Preregistration Passcode (a 6-letter combination code) for each Preregistration term. All students must meet with their faculty Advisor to receive their passcode for the term; passcodes will not be accessible at the Registrar's Office or Advising Hub.

Colorado College has two Preregistration periods, one held in Fall and Spring semesters. Learn more about them below!


In the Spring, opening in the last two weeks of block 7 and ending in the first week of block 8, students will participate in Fall Preregistration to plan out their next full academic year. Students will be allowed 40-points to distribute between their blocks 1 - 4 courses and another 40-points to distribute between their saved course selections for blocks 5 - 8. Fall Preregistration will formally process course registrations and points for the upcoming Fall semester and enroll students in courses or place them on a waiting list based on the student's point bid. Students' spring selections and points will be saved as a draft to be revisited and processed during Spring Preregistration in the Fall.

THE PREREGISTRATION OPEN PERIOD FOR FALL 2022 WILL BE: 4/11 - 4/29 (announcement emails to be sent April 8)


  • Fall 2021 Preregistration period is April 11 - April 29, 2022

  • Students will plan out their complete schedule for the upcoming academic year; Fall, blocks 1 - 4 and Spring, blocks 5 - 8.

  • Students will have 40-points to distribute between their Fall courses and another 40-points to distribute between their "drafted" Spring courses.

  • Course registrations and points will be processed for blocks 1 - 4 only; enrolling students into courses or placing them on a waiting list based on the student's point bid.
  • Students' Spring selections and points will be saved as a draft to be submitted and processed during Spring Preregistration in the Fall (dates tbd). Once Preregistration closes, these cannot be adjusted until the next Preregistration period opens.

  • January Half Block is not a part of the preregistration process. Registration for this block will open for all students in Add/Drop after Spring Preregistration (in the Fall). Separate announcements will be made the closer we get to this date.
  • Students are assigned a unique Preregistration passcode (a 6 letter, all-caps sequence) for each Preregistration period and may only obtain it through their faculty advisor. This passcode is used to officially submit their courses once a full schedule has been entered. It is strongly recommended to make appointments in the first two weeks to review plans and obtain passocdes - don't wait until the end!

  • Once a student submits their Preregistration, they may continue to make adjustments while the Preregistration period is open. Advisors will be notified of any additional changes to the student's schedule once the original submission is made. 
  • Preregistration will close at 5:00 pm on Friday, April 29, 2022. Changes will not be allowed until the results have been posted to student schedules, the following Wednesday. 

  • Students can expect to receive their Preregistration results on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 via their Student Schedule in Banner SSB. An announcement email will be shared once results have been posted. Once results are out, students may us the blockly Add/Drop registration system to make any further changes to their schedules. (results will be reflected in Stellic the next day for further planning)

The 2022-23 courses will be available via the Class Schedule link on the Student Menu in SSB after Spring Break and will also be found in Stellic for planning. 


All students, returning and new first-years, will participate in Spring Preregistration in block 3. If a student has already created a saved draft of their spring course selections and points, they will be able to either revise or formally submit for processing. Like Fall Preregistration, students will be allowed 40-points to distribute between their blocks 5 - 8 choices. Spring Preregistration will formally process course registrations and points for the spring semester and enroll students in courses or place them on a waiting list based on the student's point bid.


  • Preregistration for the Spring 2023 semester, blocks 5-8, will take place in the Fall (dates TBD)

  • January Half Block is NOT part of the preregistration process and will be available for registration BEFORE Spring Preregistration using ADD/DROP in SSB as of (dates TBD). 

  • Each student will have 40 points to bid on their courses.

  • All students enter their selections via SSB under "Preregistration" in their menu during these 4 weeks (make sure you are entering Preregistration for blocks 5 thru 8; Add/Drop is only available for Fall and January Block registration changes)                                                                          
  • Using Stellic is highly recommended as it tracks progress within the All-College Requirements or General Education Requirements as well as progress within major and minor programs. 
  • All students must obtain their Preregistration Passcode from their Faculty Advisor to submit and complete preregistration.

  • Remember, a draft of your Spring 2023 schedule will have been saved from Fall Preregistration. If you will not be making changes, simply contact your Faculty Advisor to obtain your Passcode and confirm your draft. You can then enter your Passcode, update your points and submit.
  • Students must register for a complete schedule; one course per block (no empty blocks)

  • If you plan to take an independent study or thesis block, you must complete the application found on "Our Services" page to formally sign up for a 1-on-1 block. A unique CRN# for the course will be created for you. Once the application is submitted, you may use GS391 as a placeholder for that block until the official paperwork is completed. Please note, the placeholder will NOT provide credit or post to your transcript. Please also do not sign up for the course referenced in the course schedule either as these are meant to show the blocks and faculty who are available to you. 
  • Preregistration will close at 5:00 pm on the last day of the preregistration period (dates TBD). Changes WILL NOT be allowed until the results have been posted the following Wednesday.

  • Once results are announced, students may begin making changes using Add/Drop in SSB.

2022-23 courses will be available via the Class Schedule link on the Student Menu in SSB and can also be found in Stellic for planning. 

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Preregistration Success Tips (Weekly Digest Posts)

 Mark you calendars for next week! The open period for Fall Preregistration will starts on Monday; April 11th and will remain open until closing date, Friday, April 29th.
Students will have 3 weeks to submit their Fall Preregistration (Fall schedule + Spring draft). Start your advising sessions early! Using Stellic can help allow students to plan ahead of their scheduled appointments.
REMINDER: Students are required to enter their Preregistration Passcodes and must obtain this from their faculty advisor in order to officially complete Preregistration. The Registrar’s Office will send out official Preregistration announcement letters to Faculty Advisors this Wednesday prior to opening day. Students will receive their announcement letter on Friday prior to opening day. Please check you inbox at the end of the week for more information or visit the Registrar’s Office website.

The open period for Fall 2022 Preregistration is: Monday, April 11th thru Friday, April 29th

Starting in week 3 of block 7, all students will participate in Preregistration by completing a full schedule for Fall 2022 (blocks 1-4) and filling out a draft for Spring 2023 (blocks 5-8). The Preregistration open period will close at the end of the first week of block 8 giving students a total of three weeks to complete their Preregistration for the next academic year. No late submissions will be accepted after Friday, 4/29!

Students who miss the Preregistration deadline will relinquish their use of points and register using Add/Drop the following week when the Banner application is opened for Fall.

Preregistration processing will take place the following week and results will be announced as early as Tuesday, May 3rd. Add/Drop will open for Fall 2022 schedule changes on Wednesday, May 4th at Noon (MDT) unless an announcement delay is posted.

How to Submit Preregistration

  • Use Stellic to plan for Fall and Spring ahead of your Advisor Meeting. Your Fall 2022 Preregistration Passcode is available through your faculty advisor only. Use Stellic to plan your next year and schedule your appointments early!
  • Complete your Preregistration in Banner SSB. A full schedule is required in both Fall (blocks 1-4) and Spring (blocks 5-8). Your Fall 2022 Passcode s required to submit your selections.
  • Using (not abusing) Placeholders! There are two Preregistration Placeholders that students can use while they wait for their official applications to be processed. These are designed to get students through the Preregistration process ONLY! Placeholders DO NOT bear credit nor will they ever post to a transcript; please make sure to follow the instructions if you plan to use either in Preregistration:
    • GS391 – Placeholder for Thesis, Research, or Independent Study. Juniors and Seniors CANNOT sign up for
      one-on-one blocks via Banner. Students MUST complete the appropriate application available on Our Services page on the CC Registrar’s Office website to formally apply for an independent block.
    • GS392 – Placeholder for Off-Campus Study Abroad. Students MUST complete a Summit Application to study off-campus. Contact the Center of Global Education for any questions.

*resubmissions are accepted until the closing date, 4/29; be sure that a full-schedule is SAVED and all points are displayed on the screen if changes are made after the first submission*

Resources and Guidelines for Points

All students will have 40 points to distribute between blocks 1 – 4 and 40 points to save on their drafts to return to in the Fall for blocks 5 – 8. Based on points and course demand, students will be placed into courses or placed on a waiting list once Preregistration is processed. You may learn more About Preregistration and review Last Year’s Points, Guidelines for Points and Preregistration Instructions via the Registration pages on the Registrar’s Office website.

Don’t forget!

  • Half Block registration is not part of Preregistration. (this block will open for registration a week prior to Spring Preregistration in the Fall)
  • Spring Graduates should complete Apply to Graduate in Banner if they are not returning in the Fall. (this application closes 4/22)

Students who experience technical troubles in the Preregistration application should try clearing their cache/search history before trying again. If the problem persists, please have them send a screenshot to registrar@coloradocollege.edu and include their name, ID and what they were attempting to do. The Registrar’s Office staff are available for any registration questions or concerns. The Advising Hub specialists are available for any advising questions or concerns at either 719-389-6655 or by email at advisinghub@coloradocollege.edu

Best of luck during registration season!

Fall Preregistration open period extends three weeks starting last week Monday 4/11 and closing next week Friday, 4/29 (the Preregistration Application will close at end of day and no late submissions will be accepted!)
Students are expected to review their plans with their assigned Faculty Advisors and obtain their individual Preregistration Passcode. Appointments are encouraged to be scheduled early in the Preregistration open period to avoid a last-minute scramble. Below are some quick Preregistration tips. Additional resources are available on the Registrar’s Office website.
  • Trouble adding courses? A small error was reported and quickly resolved last week relating to the “Field Restriction of Study” prerequisite check. Please make sure to clear your browsing history/cache to ensure optimal use of the Preregistration Application. Make sure that you are completing Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 in Preregistration (Add/Drop is open live for Summer 2022 registration)
  • Don’t Forget! New General Education Requirements are tracked in Stellic Only! Both the All-College and General Education requirements are available in Stellic along with itemized requirement tracking within major and minor programs; it is the better tool for planning and progress tracking! Banner’s Degree Evaluation Page is transitioning out and will reflect the All-College Requirements only.
  • What’s the difference between a Passcode and a PIN?
    • Passcodes are assigned to each student for Preregistration purposes only. Advisors can access these Passcodes from, “Your Advisees” in Banner. Students will use their unique 6-letter combination to submit their Preregistration in Banner. Once all blocks have been filled with a course or approved leave, the Passcode can be entered in the, “Preregistration Passcode” field at the bottom of the screen.
    • Consent of Instructor (COI PIN) are assigned to each instructor and can be used in one of two ways: either a course has a consent of instructor designation or a student does not fulfill the prerequisite established for a course and is requesting for an override to the prerequisite error they encounter. COI PINs can be entered in the, “Consent PIN” field at the top of the screen next to the CRN.
    • Consent of Department (COD PIN) are entered similarly and would be required on courses that have a department consent designation.
As of today, 30% of students have hit Preregistration; 10% have fully completed (way to go!) If you are experiencing an error (in error!) and restarting your browser. If these tricks don’t work, please send a screenshot and explanation to registrar@coloradocollege.edu.


Fall Preregistration closes at the end of the day, TODAY Friday, April 29th. Students had three weeks to obtain their Fall registration passcodes from their faculty advisors and submit their registration for the next academic year. Blocks 1-4 in the Fall will be processed and released early next week and Blocks 5-8 in the Spring are saved as drafts to return to in the Fall. Daily email reminders have been sent this week to students who have not yet completed their Preregistration.


Students who miss the Preregistration deadline end of day TODAY, Friday (4/29/22), you will be required to wait until Add/Drop opens for Fall 2022 schedule changes next week; no exceptions will be granted!


For a complete Preregistration Guide and Resources on Points or answers to commonly asked questions, visit our webpage or click here.

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