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Faculty Information

8th Block Senior Grades Only Instructions

On behalf of the Registrar’s Office, welcome to the 2019-20 Academic Year and an extra warm welcome to our new and visiting faculty! We hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer break. As you settle in and gear up for the busy semester, we’d like to send out this helpful reminder of things to take care of as you start the new semester:

  • Do you know how to find your COI PIN? You may have had a student ask for your “consent of instructor pin”. This is a 6-letter combination that is your electronic signature to the registration systems in Banner (Add/Drop and Preregistration) The COI PIN is what the systems will recognize as your permission to move forward with the registration change. All Faculty are assigned a PIN each semester they are teaching. You can find your PIN on your Faculty Services tab in Banner under “Your Teaching Schedule”.
  • Thesis and Independent Studies are now in DocuSign! The Registrar’s Office has created an email workflow (DocuSign Power Form) for thesis and independent studies. These forms are available on the Registrar’s webpage. The student will initiate this process by filling in their advisor and department chair contact (if needed). This will kick off an email workflow with the completed form automatically submitted to the Registrar’s Office for processing. We hope this makes it easier for students and faculty alike. Please reach out with any questions you may have.
  • Registration Deadline Reminders To help bring us all back up to speed, we thought to include registration deadline reminders for students who may be reaching out to you for information.

Registration Process

Deadline Reminder

Adding/Dropping/Waitlists before the start of the block

Students can add/drop or add to a waitlist at their convenience through Add/Drop online without a required instructor’s consent unless the course requires a prerequisite.

Course Waitlists

  • Faculty are sent their class rosters and waitlist rosters the Friday before the block starts. You may want to print a copy of your waitlist to have handy on Monday.
  • Waitlists for the starting block are dropped at 5pm the Friday before and will no longer be available on Banner. Please refer to your class list email for further instruction.
  • Waitlisted students are required to officially register through the add/drop program with your COI PIN.

Adding a class at the start of the block

  • Students have until the first Tuesday to add a class with your COI PIN through the add/drop system in Banner. Reminder: Waitlisted students are expected to officially register with your COI PIN!
  • A notification of this registration change is sent to the instructor of the dropped class (if applicable) and to the student’s advisor(s).

Dropping a class during the block

  • Students have until the second Tuesday to drop a course through the add/drop system in Banner. Please note, this does not require your consent.
  • A notification of this change (drop) is sent to the instructor of the dropped class and to the student’s advisor(s).

Catalog Update Instructions

Entering Grades Instructions

Faculty Preregistration Instructions