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    Director of Recreation & Fitness Center

    Special Assistant to the Director of Recreation


    All games are played in Reid Arena of the El Pomar Sports Complex.

    BLOCK 2
    Wed, 9/257:45No Dig'gity v. Short Stacks
    7:45BOOMTOWN Jr. v. Ben Hall's Balls
    8:45Dys(fun)ctional v. UWC: United World Cult
    Thu, 9/267:45Bump, Set, Splif v. Practice Safe Sets
    8:45All About That Ace v. Schelling Salience
    8:45Javi's Joes v. Ball Fondlers
    Mon, 9/307:45UWC: United World Cult v. Short Stacks
    7:45Ben Hall's Balls v. No Dig'gity
    8:45BOOMTOWN Jr. v. Dys(fun)ctional
    Tue, 10/17:45Practice Safe Sets v. Schelling Salience
    7:45DG/KSIG v. Bump, Set, Splif
    8:45All About the Ace v. Ball Fondlers
    Wed, 10/27:45No Dig'gity v. BOOMTOWN Jr.
    8:45UWC: United World Cult v. Ben Hall's Balls
    Thu, 10/37:45DG/KSIG v. Practice Safe Sets
    7:45Javi's Joes v. Schelling Salience
    8:45Short Stacks vs. Dys(fun)ctional
    8:45Bump, Set, Splif v. All About that Ace
    Mon, 10/77:45Dys9fun)ctional vs. No dig'gity
    7:45Short Stacks vs. BOOMTOWN Jr.
    8:45Practice Safe Sets vs. All About That Ace
    Tue, 10/87:45Schelling Salience vs. Bump, Set, Splif
    7:45All About That Ace vs. DG/KSIG
    8:45Dys(fun)ctional vs. Ben Hall's Balls
    Wed, 10/97:45Ben Hall's Balls vs. Short Stacks
    7:45Do dig'gity vs. UWC: United World Cult
    8:45Bump, Set, Splif vs. Javi's Joes
    Thu, 10/107:45Practice Safe Sets vs. Javi's Joes
    7:45DG/KSIG vs. Schelling Salience
    8:45BOOMTOWN Jr. vs. UWC: United World Cult
    BLOCK 3
    Mon, 10/217:45No Dig'gity vs. Practice Safe Sets
    7:45BOOMTOWN Jr. vs. All About the Ace
    8:45Short Stacks vs. Ball Fondlers
    8:45Dys(fun)ctional vs. Schelling Salience
    Tue, 10/227:45No Dig'gity vs. All About the Ace
    7:45Ben Hall's Balls vs. Bump, Set, Splif
    8:45BOOMTOWN Jr. vs. Practice Safe Sets
    8:45UWC: United World Cult vs. DG/KSIG
    Wed, 10/237:45Dys(fun)ctional vs. Ball Fondlers
    8:45Ben Hall's Balls vs. Javi's Joes
    Thu, 10/247:45UWC: United World Cult vs. Bump, Set, Spike
    7:45BOOMTOWN Jr. vs. DG/KSIG
    8:45Short Stacks vs. Schelling Salience
    Mon, 10/287:45#6 No Dig'gity vs. #11 All About the Aces
    7:45#5 Dys(fun)ctional vs. #12 Bump, Set, Splif
    8:45#8 DG/KSIG vs. #9 Short Stacks
    8:45#4 Javi's Joes vs. #13 Schelling Salience
    Tue, 10/297:45#7 Practice Safe Sets vs. #10 Ben Hall's Balls
    8:45#1 UWC: United World Cult vs. #9 Short Stacks
    8:45Dys(fun)ctional vs. Javi's Joes

    Wed, 10/30

    7:45#2 Ball Fondlers vs. Ben Hall's Balls
    7:45Short Stacks vs. Javi's Joes
    8:45#3 BOOMTOWN Jr. vs. All About the Ace
    Mon, 11/47:45BOOMTOWN Jr. vs. Ball Fondlers
    Tue, 11/57:45Javi's Joes vs. TBD