Ice Broomball

Rosters Due: Thursday, January 18, 2024, 5:00 pm
Play Begins: Monday, January 22, Robson Arena

The email address that the captain submits on the official roster form will be used to send information regarding schedules, rules, policies, and procedures at least 48 hours before the start of the sport season.

The Basics

All broomball games are played at the Robson Arena. Equipment is available from the campus rec office upon presentation of a valid CC ID. Submitted entry forms will be evenly divided-up into any number of pools in which round-robin play will be scheduled or a double-elimination tournament scheduled. All members of the championship team will receive an IM Champions t-shirt.

2023-24 Champions

Balls (members: Sammy Heller, Esther Cornish, Drew Greeley, Adley Vogel, Jack Dresser, Henry Hodde, Maggie Morrison, Katherine Granberry, and Lucy Flanagan)

Past Champions

2022-2023: Balls (members: Sam Treat, Henry Hodde, Indy Khaitan, Maggie Morrison, Jack Dresser, Esther Cornish, Mary Kate Girard, Katherine Granberry, Drew Greeley, Adley Vogel, Hayley Heinecken, Sammy Heller, and Lucy Flanigan)

2021-2022: Balls (members: Sammy Heller, Maggie Morrison, Jack Dresser, Mary Kate Girard, Katherine Granberry, Drew Greeley, Adley Vogel, Henry Hodee, Indy Khaitan and Ester Cornish)

2019-2020: Young Dad$ (members:Victoria Cusanello, Annie Knight, Alena Stern, Atticus Lynch, Carley Bonwell, Chris Brower, Hiromi Kondo, Jimmy Green, Joey Larabee, Kevin Karuana, Maddie Bodell, Carly Bonwell, Mia Solberg, Sloan Ruhl, Walter Brose, and Will Foster)

2018-2019: Broom, Roasted (members: Braeden Yeo, Annie Engen, Amy Bolton, Karl Hirt, Jake Shapiro, Jack Bilbrough, Carter Eng, Jake Chase, Will Rundquist, Joey Larabee, and Spencer Key)

2017-2018: Big Broomballer Brand (members: Jake Golbus, Ethan Moore, Chris Brower, Parker Woo, Henry Hinds, Tyler Borko, Harrison Raine, Chris Roussos, Romi Kondo, Maddie Bodell, Barly Bonwell, and Mia Dobbin)

2016-2017: Black Out Brooms (members: Leah Di Filippo, Maddie Miller, Jenna Hanson, Vivi Engen, Sam Hale, Michael Greenberger, Perry Fitz, Phil Korlog, Zach Holman, Ben Tweedy, Aidan Russell, Joel Fischer-Katz, Aiden Shumway, Alex O'Neil)

: Fussy Puckers (members: Lee Junkin, Harrison Rosenfeld, Alan Hurbi, Robert Peroutka, Josh Leitson, Alex O'Neill, Ian Round, Scot Broadbent, Will Bemis, Patty Atkinson, Gabriella Palko, Melissa Seehausen, Terra Macdowell, Kat Jacaruso, Parker Moss, Will Baker, Sam Huestis, Ian Horne and Marion Williams)

2014-2015: Black Out Brooms (members: Leah Di Filippo, Brandon Marcus, Michael Greenberger, Andrew Kirvin-Quamie, Celestine Manno, Emilio Izquierdo, Zach Holman, Sam Hale, Perry Fitz, Phil Korlog, Andrew DesLauriers, Lexie Milliken, Maddie Miller, Aidan Russell, Ben Tweedy, Joel Katz, Vivi Engen and Jenna Hanson)

2013-2014: Hold Ma Stick (members: Sandy Brown, Felix Braun, Felix Pronove, James Shepard, Damen Erf, Emma Marshall, Kai Thompson, Katherine Wilkinson, Katherine Bienkowski, Chris Liang, Axel Bjerke, Eric Wolatz)2012-2013: Clean Sweep (members: Ryan Hedges, Alex Woolford, Cody Horn, Henry Sackman, Jack Ordway, Will Allenbach, Davis Shamburger, Drew Huemmler, Charley Bemis, Ginna Oates, Hannah Karlsson, Annie Burcham, Marissa Gradoz, Hadley Burgh)

2011-2012: Rosie's Legends (members: Ryan Hedges, Henry Sackman, Graham Lloyd, Will Allenbach, Davis Shamburger, Jordan Wilson, Henry Reohr, Annie Burcham, Ginna Oates, Hannah Karlsson, Anna Crosby and Alex Woolford)

2010-2011: Washburn Foundation (members: Benjamin Rosenfeld, Andrew Conarooe, Andy McGhie, Graham Lloyed, Wil Nelp, Nicky Anastas, Alex Wolford, Maizy Richards, Page McCargo, Gina Oates, Hannah Karlson, Ryan Hedges, Paul Todd, Sandy Feuer, Annie Burcham)

2009-2010: Derelicte

2008-2009: Sparks Plus Revival

2007-2008: Griffindor House by Sparks

2005-2006: Cleanin' House

2004-2005: No season

2003-2004: Monkeyhouse

2002-2003: Team Lamb Roast

2001-2002: Broom Raiders

2000-2001: 222 Uintah

1999-2000: A League, Murph's Smurphs; Co-ed League, Tag Team

1998-1999: Fingercuffs

1997-1998: Big

1996-1997: Hurl

1995-1996: Sweaty Booty Too

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