Pre-Holiday Futsal Tournament

Rosters Due: Friday, November 11, 5:00 pm
Play Begins: Monday, November 28, Aux Gym, El Pomar Sports Center

The email address that the captain submits on the official roster form will be used to send information regarding schedules, rules, policies, and procedures at least 48 hours before the start of the sport season.

The Basics

All teams will be randomly placed in a double elimination tournament for the Pre-Holiday Futsal Tournament and will be guaranteed at least two games. The games are played in the Aux Gym located on the middle level of the El Pomar Sports Center. All equipment necessary to play the game will be provided by the Intramural Department. Participants are required to wear non-marking, indoor gym shoes.

2021-22 Champions

Gilk (members: Sophie Dua, Olivia Dossett, Grace Tagtow, Bjorn Lynge, Max Coury, Ben King-Hails, Justice Colfax, Ian Larned-California, and Andy Fresen)


2019-20 Champions

Das Boot


Past Champions

2019-2020: Das Boot (members: Oliver Jones, Silas Mead, Nick Madsen, Gabe McGill, Crane Friedman, Scot Gladstone, Hallie Conyers-Tucker, India Hilty, Olivia Martinez, Ethan Greenberg, Madie Alexander, Liza Scher, Alessandra Ahlman, and Hope Moodey)

2018-2019: Sneaky Beef (members: Zac Schulman, Abby Gray, Alessandra Ahlmen, Andrew Bolte, Camilla Fuller, Ellie Claton, Ellie Meyer, Joel Frykholm, Landis Hackett, Luke Strohbehn, Noah Shuster, Quin Gattey, Scot Gladstone, Shane Eckert, Sophia Skelly, and Susanna Penfield)

2017-2018: Wasted Potential (members: Connor Hartnett, Augie Nuszer, Jared Bell, Julia Sheperd, Maddi Dunn, Julia Tarantino, Mia Dobbin, Nick Zuschneid, and Shin Olsen)

Member Berries (members: James Rajasingh, Maddie Pillari, Will Hollo, Stephen Petersilge, Oliver Skelly, Kiki Kauffman, Abbie Sawabini, and Olivia Steiner)

2015-2016: Ya beauty (members: James Rajasingh, Will Hollo, Maddie Pillari, Sophia Skelly, Bryn Morgan, Connor Haney, and Oliver Skelly)

2014-2015: Title 69 (members: Jordan Keny-Guyer, Willy Harris, Collin Hartland, Sam Elkind, Nick Roman, Parker Moss, Andrea Stephens, Alicia Terry, and Annika Kastetter)

2013-2014: CS Swat

2012-2013: The New Direction

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