Rules, Futsal

Futsal Tournament
Rules of the Game

  • The playing field for each team consists of five players, four field players and one goalkeeper.
  • Only two club team members can be on the field of play for a team at any given time. 
  • All play is co-ed in nature. At least two players of any under-represented gender must be on the field of play at all times. A team may start and play with one member of an under-represented gender but must play a person-down until the second person of an under-represented gender arrives at the game. Upon arrival of the 5th player, the co-ed rule must be observed.
  • The game consists of two 20-minute running halves with a five-minute half time. If there is a tie after the completion of regulation play during LEAGUE PLAY and if time permits, there will be a 5-minute sudden-death overtime. During the TOURNAMENT and PLAYOFFS, there will be one 10-minute overtime, followed by one 5-minute sudden-death overtime if necessary. Game may NOT end in a tie during the tournament or playoffs but may end in a tie during league play.
  • If a team fails to report for the scheduled contest with 10 minutes after the scheduled time for the game, a forfeit will be declared for the absent team. If both teams fail to arrive one time, both will be charged with a forfeit. To obtains a contest victory by forfeit, enough players must be present to constitute a full playing field.
  • Mercy Rule: If a team is ahead by 10 points or more five minutes AFTER the start of the second half, a game can be called by the referee.
  • Field of Play Boundaries: The walls are considered "in play." The exception to this rule is the wall at which teams line up. The ball is out when it crosses over the basketball sideline on this wall. A kick-in takes place from the spot that the ball is called out. The goal box will be rectangle that is designated by white tape. Penalty kicks are taken from anywhere on the 3-point line. A defensive line is not permitted to be erected during a PK. A ball will be declared out of bounds if it lands behind the net or touches any part of the basketball goal/backboard.
  • Game Play: A kickoff will be held at center court to start each game, after halftime and after a goal. The kickoff must go forward and the kicker may not touch the ball a second time until it has touched another player. Play will be resumed with a kick-in when the ball has gone out of bounds. All kick-ins are indirect and the defense must be at least 3 yards away from the person kicking it into the field of play. A penalty/direct kick will be taken anywhere on the 3-point line. All players must be behind the 3-point line, at least 3 yards from the ball and may not move until the ball has been kicked. A goal may not be scored directly from an indirect kick, but must touch another player first.
  • Goalkeepers: A goalkeeper may pick up the ball with his/her hands as long as their feet remain inside the goal box. The goalie may kick or throw the ball but the ball must bounce on the floor before crossing the half-court line. If a cleared ball does not bounce before the half-court line, an indirect kick will be awarded to the opposing team and the ball will be placed at mid-court.

General Rules

  • Rough play and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
  • If a timed-penalty is assessed, the team must play short for the full penalty period.
  • Free substitutions are allowed throughout the game except for the goalkeeper who may only be substituted for at a stoppage of play when and when the substituting team has possession. "On the fly" substitutions may not directly interfere with the play of the game.
  • The is NO offsides rule.
  • A handball is called for the intentional handling of the ball. If the handball takes place inside the goal box, a penalty shot is awarded.
  • Most penalties will be dealt with by issuing a yellow warning after the first violation and a red ejection penalty will follow for any subsequent violation. The exception to this rule is sliding. A blue card will be issued for sliding and the player will be required to sit out for one minute. A second slide will result in a 5-minute penalty and a 3rd slide will result in an ejection penalty with the offending team playing "short" for the remainder of the game.
  • Fouls will result in indirect kicks except for those deemed so egregious as to award a direct penalty kick to the offended player.


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