Ice Hockey

Rosters Due: Friday, October 11, 5:00 pm
Play Begins: Monday, October 21, Robson Arena

The email address that the captain submits on the official roster form will be used to send information regarding schedules, rules, policies, and procedures at least 48 hours before the start of the sport season.

The Basics

The Intramural Department supports one league of hockey for students to play at Robson Arena in "pond style" hockey. League play is standard round robin format that extends until the post-season, single-elimination tournament. Equipment is available from the campus rec office at Robson upon presentation of a valid CC ID.

2023-2024 Champions


P 'n D (members: Wesley Gierkink, Ben Craine, Tommy Miller, Ben Anastos, Dylan Brown, Tatum Holm, Amanda Lake, Andie Berman, Ben Bradshaw, Bridget Hanley, Lily Weaver, Camille Lewis, Phillip Gisler, Charles Harrington, Denise Geronimo, Kyle Mezrow, Miim Allehaut, and Eli Turovsky)


Past Champions

2022-2023: Motherpuckers (members: Annabel Meyer, Claire Norfleet, Isabel Bragg, Lindsay Popeo, Ellie Schwab, Cate O'Connor, Maxine Lewis, Bobby Spence, Collin Whitmore, Roman Tacelli, Time Browne, Ben Clarke, Griffin Cusack, Chalire Maier, and Kernan Brooks)

2021-2022: P 'n D (members: Brooks Brown, Kyle Mezrow, Declan Maguire, Wes Gierkink, Pat Mahoney, Anders Erickson, Lily Byrne, Bridget Hanley, Ben Craine, Will Burdette, Mimi Allehaut, Camille Lewis, Lucie King, and Lily Weaver)

2019-2020: Intermediate League, Big Stick Energy (members: Breck Keller, Anson Brown, Henry Alimanesteaunu, Harry Green, Walter Brose, Atticus Lynch, Charlie Stumph, Chris Burleigh, Toby Ellingwood, Aboott Gifford, Jimmy Green, Jacob Pentz, Sam Arcano, Graham Whiting, Spenser Nuzzo, Spencer Shaw, Johnny Kellogg, and Craig Cullen) Beginner League, Zamboners (members:Katie Hannds Justine Miller, Sloan Ruhl, Sofia Infante, Anna Renkert, Lucke Meehan, Katie Hands, Skyler Stark-Ragsdale, Kyle Cadwallader, Jackson Groner, Noah Hirshorn, Sam Kaplan, Katherine Hatch, and Leah Thayer)

2018-2019: Intermediate League,
Swamp Donkeys (members: Brice Tucker, James Martello, Cam Rasco, Jacob Nehama, Catherine Kahler, Will Bemis, Morgan Sulger, Ethan Moore, Nate Kwiecinski, Maddy Webster, and Jack Ammons) Beginner League, Zamboners (members: Katie Hands, Bryan Swanson, Kieran Woerner, Justine Miller, Skyler Stark-Ragsdale, Sloan Ruhl, Ava Kazemi, Sofia Infante, and Sam Kaplan)

2017-2018: Intermediate League
, Jimbos Bojims (members: Ben Sietz-Sitek, Christian Lockefeer, Ethan Shaw, Evan Fleming, Georgie Nahass, Hub Hneji, Jimmy Green, Julia Shepard, Leslie McNamara, Max Kronstadt, Mia Solberg, Seneca Griffin, Sophia Quick, and Walter Brose) Beginner League, Moose Knuckles (members: Sawyer Finley, Brian Rubin, CJ Thomson, Connor Hartnett, Jared Bell, Joel Frykholm, Matt Cole, Nicholas Zuschneid, Tim Huettel, Hailey Hampson, Emma Herrick, Maddy Webster, Maria Cortner, Sophie Redpath, and Camille Ginsburg)

2016-2017: Intermediate League, Swamp Donkeys (members: Ian Scobie, Mick Sullivan, Ethan Moore, Chris Brower, Cam Rasco, Will Bemis, Alex O'Neil, Hannah Lyons, Mary Taussig, Matt Rockwell, Sam Hale, Evan Fleming, and Scot Broadbent) Beginner League, Moose Knuckles (members: Sawyer Finley, Alex Pope, Alana Aamodt, Brian Rubin, CJ Thomson, Connor Hartnett, Jake Kohler, Maddy Webster, Matt Cole, Matt Tankersley, Morgan Sulger, Nick Zuschneid, Ryan Brameier, Sasha Carney, Sophie Redpath, Soren Frykholm, and Tim Huettel)

2015-2016: Intermediate League, Swamp Donkeys
(members: Lee Junkin, Chase Murphy, Chris Liang, Mick Sullivan, Brice Tucker, Nate Sweet, Martha Smith, Patty Atkinson, Jacob Rockwell, Alex O'Neill, Ian Round, Cameron Rasco, Asmeda Spaulding-Aguirre and Sam Sheridan) Beginner League, Puck Bois

2014-2015: Intermediate League, Swamp Donkeys, (members: Henri Halle, Scotty Prior, Lee Junkin, Brice Tucker, Ian Scobie, Mary Taussig, Ben Dohrmann, Scot Broadbent, Jacob Rockwell, Ian Round, Hannah Lyons, Alex Obregon, Chase Murphy, Gray Ritger and Nate Sweet); Beginner League: The Pipe Layers,

2013-2014: Intermediate League, Hold Ma Stick, (members: Sandy Brown, AJ Grosenbaugh, Felix Braun, James Shepard, Chris Liang, Katherine Wilkinson, Axel Bjerk, Eric Wolatz and Emma Marshall) Beginner League, Pipe Layers (members: Austin Eide, Mike Raab, Sam Tarlow, Peter Wailes, Hank Weaver, Emily Abbott, Abby Portman, Lena Engelstein, Noah Zemel, Nick Roman, Jack McGarvey, Meredith Allen, Shelby Woods, Justin Sturm, Allie Verchota and Henry Cohen)

2012-2013: Intermediate League, Hold Ma Stick Beginner League, Codfish Joe & the Tunafavors

2011-2012: Intermediate League, Smashmortions, m(members: Bryce Daniels, Jackson Ordway, Ryan Patterson, Aaron Patterson, Kyle Ruckman, Nikki Gallen, Robert Dickinson); Beginner League, The University of Denver (members: Dicky Liu, Neal Smeltzer, Alan Voeller, Mitchell Wiggy, Andrew Baird, Sally Hardin, Laura Putnam, Jayne Reynolds, Erin Rhodes, Jenny Wool, Bridget Langfur, Lincoln Peek, Alex Hogan Whiting, Samuel Brasch, Jeff Wise, Alex Tarika, Molly Sinnott, and Bridger Babcock)

2010-2011: Intermediate, Last Chance (members: Ben Gardner, Andrew Gardiner, Max Hillman, Chico Hulburd, Mike Lynch, Dave Glaize, Connor Flanagan, Claire Preston, Hadley Berg, Isabel Gary, Jenny Larcilla, Goia Garden, Max Pluss); Beginner, Vermont Sucks (members: Richard Liu, Alan Voeller, Bridger Langfur, Neal Smeltzer, Jeff Wise, Samuel Brasch, Paul Turner, Kaleb Fergin, Jayne Reynolds, Erin Rhodes, Lauren Harvey, Alexandra Bochkarev, Becca Synergy, Noah Gostout, Josh Anderson, Mitchel Wiggy, Sarah Wool)

2009-2010: Beginner League, L4L; Intermediate, The Cheapskates

2008-2009: Beginner League, Manatees 3.0; Intermediate, Joe Six Pack; Advanced, West Coast; 3v3, Rastallfarians

2007-2008: Beginner League, The Penguins; Intermediate, Gold Nugget Drive; Advanced, It's Called a Legacy, Chumps

2006-2007: Fall Beginner League, Pucks in Your Mouth; Winter Beginner League, Swizzle Sticks & Fat Chicks; Advanced League, The Dynasty

2005-2006: Advanced League, The Non-Creative Types; Beginner League, The Humanzees

2003-2004: Intermediate League, The Cherry Poppers; Novice League, Hospitors; Beginner League, Piking Virates

2002-2003: Intermediate League, Bukkake; Novice League, D-Sticks; Beginner League, 3 Dirty South

2001-2002: Advanced League, Liquor & Puck; Intermediate League, Selective Differentials; Novice League, Kaptain Kangaroo; Beginner League, Stupid Shannons

2000-2001: B League, Dirty South; C League, High Life; Rec League, Sexual Chocolate

1999-2000: B League, Custodians; C League, The Bong Squad; D League, Mass Wasting; Rec League, Gretzky's Good Troupe

1998-1999: A League, Chundercats; B League, Franks and Beans; C League, Tag Team; Rec League, Cameltoe Spandex

1997-1998: A League, Ogelthorpes; B League, Berzerker; C League, Lazy J's; Rec League, CC Tigers

1996-1997: A League, Ogelthorpes; B League, Open Hockey Freaks; C League, Morning After; Rec League, Limp Johnsons

1995-1996: B League, Ogelthorpes; C League, Grundlewarts; Rec League, Mother Puckers

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