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Rules of the Game

** Co-ed teams must have at least TWO members of the under-represented sex on the floor at all times. In the event that the game begins with only 4 players, there must be 2 men and 2 women. Failure to observe this rule will result in a forfeit.

** Men playing in the co-ed division are not allowed to shoot in the lane. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Rebounds and breakaway lay-ups must be shot outside the paint. However, you are allowed to jump from outside the paint and land in the paint, but you must take off from outside the paint.

** Only players submitted on the official team roster are eligible to participate in IM games. Individuals are not allowed to "jump" leagues or teams. Failure to observe this rule will result in a forfeit. You may add people until the beginning of your second game.

** We have a “one and done” forfeit rule. If your team forfeits, they are out for the remainder of the season or tournament.

** Full-court pressing is allowed in both the Open and Coed league.

  • Each player must check in at the scorer’s table to receive a game jersey at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the game. Rosters will be checked. You may only play for one team.
  • The game begins with a jump ball. All subsequent jump balls and the beginning of the second half will be determined by alternating possessions.
  • The games will consist of two 20 minute halves. The clock will run except for the final two minutes of the second half. During these last two minutes, the clock will stop on all dead balls. Halftime will be 5 minutes long. The first overtime will be 5 minutes in length with running time, except for the last 1 minute which will be stop-time. All subsequent overtimes will proceed with a 2 minute running clock, in a sun and death fashion.
  • Each team will be allowed 2 time-outs per half. Time outs not used in the first half DO NOT carry over to the second half. Time-outs DO NOT carry over to overtime. A time out will be granted to each team for each overtime period played. They will not carry over to subsequent overtimes, however.
  • Substitutions may be made on dead-balls only, signaled by a referee's whistle. Players must check in with the scorekeeper before entering the game. Failure to do so will result in a technical foul.
  • Individual fouls: each person is allowed 5 fouls before disqualification from the game.
  • Team fouls: the 7th team foul will result in a bonus situation for the opposing team (one-and-one); the 10th team foul will result in an automatic two shot situation for the opposing team (double bonus). Both teams will start the second half with 0 (zero) fouls. 
  • Technical fouls: called at the referee's discretion and in all situations of fights, unsportsman-like conduct, and excessive foul language. Technical fouls are recorded as BOTH individual and team fouls. Two technical fouls on one team in one night will result in a forfeit of that game. If the technical fouls are committed by the same person, the team forfeits that game and that person will miss the next TWO games. 
  • The three point line is in effect for both leagues.
  • Ejected players will be prohibited from participating in the next TWO games scheduled for their team

Rev. 11/12/2015                                   

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