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Rules of the Game

  • The field of play consists of 10 players (co-ed teams field 9 because the batting team provides their own pitcher, unless both teams agree to play 10 fielders in addition to the opposing team’s pitcher.). A team may start and continue to play with eight players; less than eight players, and a forfeit will be assessed.  If eight players are present at the scheduled game time, play shall start (no waiting for 9th player).
  • ROSTER CHANGES: Roster changes are permitted throughout the regular season, however, any names added to your roster may not be listed on another roster. Your roster will be considered “frozen” as soon as the post-season tournament starts.Co-ed teams must have at least two members of the under represented sex on the field at all times.

  • Co-ed teams may ONLY have 3 members of the club baseball and/or club softball team on the field or in their batting order at a time (you must have 6 players not affiliated with either club team on the field at all times). There are NO LIMITS on club baseball/ softball players in the open league
  • A person can play for only one team.  No "jumping" leagues or teams are allowed. Teams found to have players in both leagues will be assessed a loss for each game played with an ineligible player.
  • Each game will last: 1) one hour, 2) seven innings, 3) 10 run-rule after five innings, or 4) 15 run-rule after three innings.
  • The ball must be pitched underhand, and must arch at least six feet but no more than 12 feet in height from the ground.  This must happen or a “No pitch” will be called.  Co-ed - a “No pitch” WILL count as 1 of the 3 pitches.
  • Co-ed league pitching:  The team at bat will provide their own pitcher each inning; each batter is allowed only 3 pitches; no walks will be permitted. 
  •  Open League pitching: normal rules, the other team will pitch to your team; balls and strikes will be called and walks are allowed.
  • A foul on a batter’s third strike is an out.
  • Bunting is not allowed.  Bunting is defined as any attempt by the batter to avoid swinging the bat all the way through.
  • Each team must provide a catcher and the catcher MUST wear the face mask.
  • The catcher MAY NOT block the plate.
  • The runner may only advance one extra base on an overthrow.
  • The runner may not leave the base until the batter has made contact with the ball.
  • Teams must establish a batting order prior to the game and follow the order throughout. A player not in the original batting order may sub in (and take someone else's spot in the line up). Batting out of order will result in an OUT.
  • The infield fly rule is in effect.  (0 or 1 outs, runners on 1st and/or 2nd, pop-fly in the infield)
  • At Armstrong Graduation Quad: if the ball lands on the gravel trail it is an automatic homerun. The fielder must catch the ball before the path (in the field of play) for it to be an out.  If the ball contacts any tree inside the gravel trail,it is a live ball.    
  • At North Monument Valley Field: any ball that bounces into Monument Valley Creek on the ground will be left to the umpire’s discretion—It may be ruled a double, triple, or homerun. If the ball clears the trail without bouncing, it is a home run. A ball that roles into the creek as a result of a fielding error is still in play.
  • At either umpire’s discretion: A fielder must make an attempt to stop a ball in play from rolling into the creek.  If, at the discretion of either umpire, a fielder did not make a reasonable attempt to field the ball a home run will be called upon the balls rolling into the creek.
  • Regarding the tree along the third base foul line: If a ball hits a branch hanging into fair territory, the ball is considered to be in play.  Regardless of where a ball hits a tree, if the ball is caught before it makes contact with the field the batter is out.
  • Regarding the two trees in right-center field along the path: If a ball happens to hit either tree along the path, it is still considered to be in fair play. If a fielder catches the ball before it makes contact with the field the batter is out.  If a ball in play gets stuck in either tree a ground rule double will be called.  Foul balls will be called along each baseline at the umpire=s discretion.
  • In the case of inclement weather, the decision to cancel games will be made by the Assistant Director of Intramurals at 3:00 p.m. that day. Every effort will be made to reschedule any cancellations due to weather restrictions.


Rev. 3/21/2011