Block 1 - 3v3 Soccer Tournament

Second Saturday Series - 3v3 Soccer Tournament

Rosters Due: Register Here by Thursday, September 7, 5:00 pm
Play Begins: Saturday, September 9 -- Tava Quad

Pre-registration is required for the Second Saturday tournaments as brackets must be drawn up in advance of the competition. The email address that the captain submits on the official roster form will be used to communicate information prior to the start of the tournament regarding schedules, rules, policies, and procedures. All equipment necessary to compete in the tournament will be provided by Campus Rec. All outdoor tournaments will be "weather dependent" with the possibility of moving the competition day in the case of inclement weather.


2023-24 Champions


Ball Baddies (members: Haley Goetting, Sean Brown & Ivan Morales)


The Tournament

Referees: All tournament matches are self-officiated.

Team size: The maximum number of players on a team is eight; three field players at one time.

Eligibility: Only one club team member may be on the field at any given time. At least one person from any under-represented gender must be on the field at all times. Intercollegiate soccer athletes are not permitted to play in the tournament.

Tournament format: Teams will be randomly placed into a double-elimination tournament bracket guaranteeing each team at least two matches.

The Game

Game duration: The matches will consist of two 10-minute halves separated by a two-minute halftime, OR the game ends when a team reaches a 10 goal lead, whichever comes first. The game clock does not stop except for injuries and there are no timeouts. A coin toss will determine possession and direction before the start of the game.

The Goal Box/Goaltending: The goal box is defined as an imaginary box extending out four feet from the outside corners of the goal. Goaltending is not allowed. A player may not patrol, "camp out" or remain stationary in the crease area and act as a goaltender. Goaltending also applies to offensive players in the offensive zone/goal as well. A defender may deflect the ball in the crease area, but the defender must do so while continuing to move through the goal box area.

Scoring: A goal may only be scored from a touch (offensive or defensive) within a team’s offensive half of the field.

Substitutions: Substitutions may be made “on the fly” but must occur within 10 feet of the midline.

Kick-Offs/Kick-Ins/Indirect Kicks/Goal Kicks: The kick-off may be kicked in any direction but a goal cannot be scored directly from a kick-off as it is considered an indirect kick. The ball will be kicked into play from the sideline, rather than thrown in. A kick-in is considered an indirect kick so a goal cannot be scored from this kick. All penalties result in an indirect kick at the point of the foul and the defender must be at least three full strides from the ball. Goal kicks may be taken from any point of the end line.

Penalty Kicks: PKs will be awarded if a scoring opportunity was directly nullified by an infraction. Penalty kicks are direct kicks taken from the center of the mid-line with all players behind the mid-line. If a goal is not scored, the defense gets possession with a goal kick.

Overtime: Teams will have a 3 minute “Golden Goal” overtime period. If the score is still tied, the winner will be decided by a shootout with the 3 players on the field at the end of the Golden Goal period. Kicks in the shootout will be taken from the center of the mid-line.

Rules Clarification

In 3v3 soccer, there are no goalkeepers, no offsides, no slide tackling, and no heading the ball.


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