Welcome to the Department of Math and Computer Science

We foster a supportive and inclusive learning community of faculty and students who share a passion for mathematics and computer science. It is our goal to provide a nurturing learning environment that stimulates growth and intellectual exploration.

Teaching. The block plan provides a framework for collaborative learning and innovative teaching. We offer a wide range of classes for non-majors and majors to explore our distinct but closely related disciplines. In our courses, we place an emphasis on mathematical and computational thinking, proof-writing and coding, and prepare students to tackle challenging problems that our modern world faces.

Scholarship. Our faculty are active scholars with diverse research interests in computer science and mathematics. Students often get involved in our research projects as summer research assistants. Many students present their work at professional conferences, and in some cases, summer research projects evolve into a senior thesis. Some faculty-student collaborations have even led to peer-reviewed publications with student co-authors.

Community. We foster a lively and friendly community of scholars and learners in mathematics and computer science. The department sponsors a public lecture series (Fearless Fridays) and encourages all our students to participate and learn about computer science and mathematical ideas beyond the classroom. Department members are frequently invited to present at regional and national conferences and often serve on committees of professional organizations in their fields.

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