Darryl Filmore

Darryl FilmorePronouns: she/her 
Graduation year: 2020 
Hometown: Littleton, CO 
Currently living in: Colorado Springs, CO 
Current occupation: Robotic Process Automation Developer 


What was your experience like at CC as a Computer Science major? 

The relationships I formed from day one to graduation were a highlight of my experience. Classmates brought a wide variety of perspectives to all tasks and went out of their way to support each other. Staff and professors took the time, care, and energy to help me succeed and push myself every day. My academic experience was both rewarding and challenging in many ways. Intro-level courses helped introduce me to a different style of problem-solving than I couldn’t have experienced in any other discipline. Mid-level courses allowed me to explore aspects of software creation, project management, and sub-topics within the computing field. These classes were my favorite, as they allowed me to explore and apply my existing interests to classwork. Upper-level courses prepared me for post-college life by teaching me ways to adapt to challenges and dive deep into projects. 


Why were you interested in focusing on computer science as your major? 

When I applied to CC I was convinced I would choose a different major with the hopes of attending medical school. I decided to take my first Computer Science course to fulfill one of the general education requirements and fell in love with the problem-solving that came with the course material. One of the exciting parts of computer science to me is the number of approaches that can be used to reach the same end goal. I love the freedom that comes with finding my solution to a problem and I truly believe the option to understand coursework through a unique lens was a major factor in my success during and after college. 


How are you using your major in your post-CC life? 

As a developer, I am lucky to use the problem-solving strategies I fell in love with each day at work. The tools I use tend to be low-code/no-code, but understanding the challenges that come with each project is a fundamental part of my job. Learning to effectively break down a problem and build a solution is an important skill in my role. Interpersonally, I owe my confidence in asking questions and sharing ideas to my time at CC. I learned to seek and supply support at every opportunity during my four years as a computer science major, and that skill is something my supervisors and coworkers love. 

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