How to Declare the CS Major

Welcome to CS! We are really glad that you are joining us.

We will need you to fill out a declaration request form so that our paraprofs can verify that you have met the requirements and assign you an advisor. You can use the form to request a specific advisor but we cannot guarantee that they will be available to take on new advisees (in which case another advisor will be assigned to you).  Part of this process will involve filling in (but not submitting!) the Major Declaration Form found on the registrar’s website. You will not actually submit the form to the registrar until an advisor is assigned.

Requests made over the summer will be reviewed when classes start in August.

A few things to keep in mind when filling out your form:

  • Make sure you are familiar with the declaration requirements and the major requirements.
  • Write the course name and number on the form.
  • Waived courses (such as those skipped because of AP credit) should not be listed; waivers can only be given by the department chair.
  • Courses where the grade was less than a C- or that were taken pass/fail with a grade other than S will not count towards the major or major declaration.

After we have approved your request and assigned you an advisor, you can submit your completed major declaration form to the registrar.

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