Sophie Germain Award


Germain.jpeg In 2010, John Watkins, who retired from the department, suggested an award named after Sophie Germain, a French mathematician who overcame hurdles and prejudice of the time to study mathematics and become celebrated for her work in the field. With a contribution from Watkins to fund the prize, the department established the Sophie Germain award for exemplary passion and extraordinary performance in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. A plaque listing the following award winners hangs in the department lounge area.
2023 Olivia Bouthot, & Davidson Cheng
2022 Lilly Davis & Alayna Mann
2021 Jerrell Cockerham & Makayla McDevitt
2020 Edgar Santos Vega
2019 Sophie Aiken & Malcolm Gabbard
2018 Hanbo Shao
2017 Nate Mankovich
2016 Melissa Jay
2015 Katy Martinez & Joe Howard
2014 Ravi Donepudi & Hanson Smith
2013 Kaila Ryan
2012 Rebecca Mitchell
2011 Sarah Goldstein
2010 Marina Gresham


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