Senior Thesis in Math

Students graduating in Mathematics may choose to satisfy the Capstone Requirement by completing a Senior Thesis Project. Note that students who wish to be considered for Graduation with Distinction in Mathematics must use this option. For more information about Distinction in Mathematics, please see here.

If you wish to use this option, you must talk with at least three mathematics professors about possible thesis projects. You will submit your top three project ideas in order of preference, on a Canvas Quiz you will be invited to fill out, during Blocks six or seven of the junior year. In Block seven students are assigned their thesis advisors; students should consult with this advisor and discuss the project, and also the block in which it would be appropriate to enroll in MA499: Senior Thesis.

In Block 4 of the senior year students must submit a Senior Capstone Form on Canvas. This will include details of your thesis plan, including a submission of a title and an abstract, and also a choice (made in consultation with your advisor), of whether you will be presenting your thesis as a poster or as a talk (during Block 7).

Consult the Resources for Math and CS Majors Canvas page for details about preparing a poster. If you are presenting your thesis orally, you can expect to make a 20-minute talk (usually with Beamer or PowerPoint slides). Your preparation must include at least one formal practice run of your talk, with your thesis advisor or a member of the departmental distinction committee in attendance.

You will also submit a written summary of your project, on Canvas, during the third week of Block 7. Your thesis advisor and members of the Capstone Committee can give you further advice about the nature of the paper.

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