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Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT) Budapest:

CC Computer Science Course Equivalencies

Students interested in studying abroad on any CC-approved program need to complete the CC Internal Application process in Summit. Students may count at most three 300-400 level courses taken at other institutions (not to include equivalents of MA321 and MA375) toward their Mathematics major, provided that these courses are approved by the department.

In addition, students should note that while studying abroad in a non-English-speaking country, CC policy requires you take the local language. With AIT, this can be fulfilled either through a pre-session Hungarian crash course offered at AIT before the semester or a Hungarian language course during the semester. Also, pre-reqs CP222, CP275, and CP274 must be completed before departing for the program.

(Please also see CC's credit transfer policies!)

AIT Course > CC Computer Science Equivalent

Semantic and Declarative Technologies   CP341 Topics in CS
Combinatorial Optimization   CP341 Topics in CS
Theory of Computing   CP405 Theory of Computation
Data Mining   CP341 Topics in CS
Algorithms and Data Structures   CP241 Topics in CS
Computer Graphics   CP360 Computer Graphics
Quantum Probability and Quantum Logic   CP341 Topics in CS
Computational Biology and Medicine   CP341 Topics in CS
Advanced Algorithms for Bioinformatics   0.5 unit of CP341 Topics in CS credit
Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks   CP341 Topics in CS
Computer Vision Applications for Digital Cinema   CP341 Topics in CS
Mobile Software Development   CP341 Topics in CS
Applied Cryptography   CP341 Topics in CS
Graph Theory   MA325 Graph Theory



Note: There are a few other special topics courses that don't have CC equivalents; talk to your advisor. Many are fine for general "topics class" credit toward a CS major.

In all cases, make sure you are working closely with your advisor at CC when making course selection choices, as 300-level courses require advisor approval to count towards major requirements.


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