• The Rawles Exam
    This three-hour exam is offered to interested students (of any major!) during Block 5. There are two cash prizes, and the winners are announced during the Honors Convocation. History of the Rawles Exam
  • The Putnam Exam
    The William Lowell Putnam Exam is a national math exam organized by the Mathematical Association of America. There are cash prizes both for winning participants and for institutions, and winners names are announced in the American Mathematical Monthly. This three-hour exam is held on a Saturday in early December. Each participant is given a collection of 12 problems to solve. For students interested in preparing for and taking the Putnam, we hold practice sessions weekly during the Fall semester... often at lunchtime and usually with pizza provided by the department.
  • The Mathematical Contest in Modeling
    The MCM is organized by COMAP (Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications) and sponsored by several organizations, including the Society for the Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the Mathematical Association of America. The contest takes place during February. Several open-ended, real world problems are presented to student teams of three, and the teams spend three days modeling and solving their choice of one of the problems. Teams compete for cash prizes and recognition. Winning entries are published in the UMAP (Undergraduate Mathematics and Applications Journal ) and are presented by the team members at the annual SIAM conference. (The expenses for team members are subsidized by SIAM). We hold practice sessions for this contest, too...and, as for the Putnam, these are often held at lunchtime with pizza provided by the department.
  • ACM-ICPC programming contest
    The ACM-ICPC contest is actually a sequence of contests held at the regional, national and international levels. It is a great opportunity for our students to practice their programming skills and meet computer science students from other colleges and universities.


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