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GY316 Field Analysis of Geological Structure (video made by Lucas Bush)


Rocks on the Block

Thanks to the Block Plan, CC Geology’s undergraduate program provides hands-on in its essence, intensive and individualized. Classes are limited to 25 students, and upper-level Geology courses typically enroll 15 students. Taking one class at a time allows for hands-on learning in laboratories and in the 'outdoor classroom'

The Block plan allows faculty and students pursue independent study and research projects throughout the academic year and breaks. Much of this original investigation takes place away from the CC campus. Many of our students perform research as part of a capstone project.

Students who choose the geology major tend to have strong interests in both geology and environmental issues. Several of our Geo faculty contribute to CC’s interdisciplinary Environmental Program. Geology coursework can include elective courses in environmental sciences and allow capstone research that addresses environmental issues. An alternative option is a major in Environmental Science, complemented with elective coursework in Geology.

Careers in the Geosciences

Map of many potential geoscience careers and how they affect the human society and the environment we live in

Job titles/Employers of recent graduates from the CC Geology program:

  • Environmental Consulting for geotechnical firms
    • emphasizes water quality and supply & urban planning
  • Economic Geology
    • exploration of materials in high demand by renewable energy and tech industry
  • National Forest Service
  • National Park Service

Recent CC Geology graduates have been admitted to:

  • Law school
  • Medical school
  • Graduate school
  • Midwife training
  • Physiotherapy training
  • Guiding certification programs
  • Computer science specializations
  • Flight school
  • Natural resources management training


Students in Michelle's GY140 class attempting to locate cross-beddings on the tilted Lyons Sandstone, as a fundamental practice in geology, in the Garden of the Gods.


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Geology News

GeoMAP Antarctica, the initial comprehensive digital database that consolidates all existing geological information of Antarctica

Christine Siddoway and her colleagues developed a ground-breaking geospatial resource for Antarctic Research!


Christine Siddoway has long worked on the bedrock geology of Antarctica, involving CC Geology majors and collaborating with international colleagues. Lately, this work culminated in the publication of Antarctic GeoMAP in Nature Data Science. The groundbreaking geospatial resource is the first interactive, queriable, online GIS for the Antarctic continent. GeoMAP serves geologists, glaciologists, climate scientists, and biologists whose work examines the interrelationships between the ice sheet and the bedrock. More than 20 CC geology majors participated in the decade of work leading up to the GeoMap release. Four CC alums are co-authors, with Sam Elkind ’16 having a leading role. Coauthors Elkind and Lexie Millikin ’17 had Witter Family Fund internships that were important to the success of the international collaboration on the Antarctic dataset.

Full story by Miriam Roth



Tectonic Triumph: Tigers’ keeper Lucas Bush won the National Collegiate Club Socer Championship Tournament MVP, with highlights including the “incredible save on a penalty kick versus UVA.”