Where Our Students Go

What can you do with a degree in mathematics or computer science?

Well, let's check in with some recent graduates…

Our 2018 graduating seniors have exciting plans for next year: Nick Crews is headed to Google's Boulder campus as a software engineer. Hanbo Shao will begin the Industrial Engineering Program at Georgia Tech, and Anna Lynn-Palevsky will be off to Harvard University. Abigail Moore is headed to Price Waterhouse Cooper as a Cybersecurity Associate. Madeline Abrams will be teaching in Denver. Long Nguyen will be an infrastructure engineer for Cigna in Denver. Katie Larsen is headed to Spain for a course on teaching English abroad. David Radke will be interning at LLNL this summer and start a Master's program in computer science at the University of Waterloo in the fall.

Among our 2017 graduates: Ana Doktorova, Nate Mankovich and Gareth Hardwick are all heading to graduate programs in mathematics, at Purdue, Colorado State and the University of Washington, respectively. Meanwhile, Sunil Butler will be studying statistics at Colorado State. Phoebe Porter and Olivia Chandrasekhar will both be data analysts at a Colorado Springs firm, while Rebecca Watson will be a contractor for Northrop Grumman in Aurora. Abbe Holtze will be joining Teach for America, and Soeren Walls has a position at Google. Ian Hay will be studying German at Regensburg in Germany. CS minor Zach Eberhart will start graduate school in CS at Notre Dame.
Ellen Smith (math minor '16) will begin her graduate studies in geology at Montana. Jessica Badgeley (math minor, '15) recently received an NSF Fellowship to continue her studies at the University of Washington, in the department of Earth & Space Sciences.

And that just scratches the surface! We'd love to hear from any and all alumni about their post-CC adventures.


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