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Nancy Heinecke, Academic Assistant

Palmer Hall
1025 N Cascade Ave., #114J
Mailing: 14 E. Cache La Poudre

EC425 Public Transportation in Nicaragua

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Mission Statement

We engage exceptional students who think critically, analytically and creatively, with intellectual competence and confidence, by leveraging the advantages of the Block Plan and drawing on the art and science of the discipline, at home and abroad, for now and for life. 

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Initiatives and Events

The Economics and Business Department hosts several events each month. In addition to student led initiatives by SAB, the department hosts a blockly Seminar Series with guest speakers who augment student learning outside a formal classroom setting. Furthermore, the department invites guest speakers to our Food-For-Economic Thought series, supports the H. Chase stone Lecture Series, hosts a large networking event to connect current students with alumni, and supports a student led research symposium in the spring. 

Mission Possible: Create a Network of CC Climate Change Professionals
Mark Smith Climate Article 2017

Mark Smith, instructor for Environmental Economics, discusses the impact that corporate structures can have on environmental issues at the local level. The class project is to identify options for offsetting the carbon emissions of the FAC. Read More