Major in Business, Economics, and Society (BESoc)

BESoc Major Description

Preregistration - Fall 2023

The Business, Economics, and Society (BESoc) major expresses the interdisciplinary nature and commitments of the Economics and Business Department. It builds on the commonalities and the differences in the two disciplines as they study human economic behavior—its nature, its sources, and its consequences.

The major analyzes three key relationships. First, it examines the roles business and economics play within society, in particular the place of modern corporations and social enterprises in civil society and in government and economic policy. Second, it evaluates the impact of business on society, focusing on market forces, on market failures, and on services provided to all members of society. Third, it explores the effects of society on business and the economy, exploring how social issues frame business opportunities and strategies, and how corporations respond (or fail to respond) to social concerns.

By promoting knowledge of structures and processes central to democratic society in a global age, it hopes to shape effective citizens. Through this goal and through its emphasis on interdisciplinary thinking, the major contributes to the college’s commitment to the liberal arts. It also addresses issues of economic inequality and social injustice, and in so doing reinforces the college’s anti-racism agenda and its efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

Key Documents and Links

Course of Study and Major Declaration

Review the Business, Economics, and Society Major Requirements for a full picture of the course of study.

Visit the BESoc Major Course Catalog  for a list of all courses that count toward the major, and review the Approved Social Issues Courses to plan your course of study. Consider completing a Social Issues Course Petition if you'd like to count a course that is not already on the approved list. 

To declare your major, visit the Registrar's Office or complete the Major Declaration Form online.

Other Relevant Links

Visit the Registrar’s Transfer Credit Into CC page for information on getting AP, GCE, and Transfer credit. The site includes AP and GCE score requirements for getting credit toward courses in the major. 

IB courses are approved for credit on a case by case basis by the department. If you would like to receive credit for an IB course, please contact the current Department Chair.

Visit the Global Education Office’s Credit Transfer Overview page for information on getting credit for classes taken during study abroad. You must declare your major before you study abroad in order to get credit toward your major from your program. 

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Ready to Declare Your Major?

We are temporarily pausing major declarations until the beginning of Block 1 in fall 2023. If you have an urgent need to declare your major due to immigration issues, please contact our chair, Christina Rader.


In the fall, please book an appointment with the Economics and Business Paraprofessional; at your appointment, you will be assigned an advisor and assisted in completing the major declaration form. When you book your appointment, please indicate the major you intend to declare in the notes section.

Please complete the tasks below prior to your appointment for the best possible outcome:

  • Determine the exact number of General Education requirements you have completed/still need to complete. Bring this to your meeting.
  • Review your anticipated major’s list of requirements on the Catalog of Courses site.
  • Based on the major requirements, create a list of courses you have taken that will satisfy your anticipated major’s requirements. Bring this to your meeting.

At the meeting, you will complete the registrar’s Major Declaration Form together. You can prefill the form before the meeting, but please do not submit the form until you have had your meeting. Please see our examples of all four possible major declarations for reference.

We look forward to welcoming you into the department!