Major in International Political Economy

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International Political Economy (with Political Science)?

To get started with this (and any of our department majors), students will need our gateway courses of Principles of Economics, either as a 2-block course (EC100) or as two separate blocks (EC101 and EC102). If students already took EC201, that counts in place of the two units of Principles of Economics.) Students will also need Calculus (MA125 or MA126).

Ready to Declare Your IPE Major?

  1. Select a faculty member as your choice for academic advisor, and email him/her to confirm there is space to add you as an advisee. Once confirmed, go to step 2!
  2. Complete the Major Declaration Online Form at the Registrar's Office to start the signing process. Please make sure to include BOTH course names and numbers! Remember that the IPE major requires approval via Dept. Chair signatures from both Economics and Political Science.
    1. Click here to view an example IPE Major Declaration Form 
  3. Complete (all fields), sign, and submit the IPE Major Requirements Online Form for your dept. student file. Keep a copy for your reference.
  5. WELCOME TO THE ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS DEPT. FAMILY!!! stop by Palmer 114 to ring the "I'm a new major in the dept., cow-bell!"

Transfer Previous Credit

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Thinking of Studying Economics Abroad?

Many opportunities exist for declared Economics & Business Dept. majors who are interested in taking economics classes in another part of the world. In addition to blocks taught off-campus by CC professors during the year and in the summer, many options exist on other CC-approved semester and year-long programs around the world. Click on the list below/right to see options which are available to you!


Economics & Business Dept. Policy for Credit Transfer from Study Abroad

The Economics & Business Dept. will not approve courses taken off-campus towards the major for un-declared students. Declare your major and visit with your Advisor and the Dept. Chair as soon as possible to create your abroad study plan!

Students may request pre-approval by fully completing the "CC Internal Application for Off-Campus Study" in Summit for one course off-campus per semester. Remember, these courses must generally have Macroeconomics and Microeconomics as a prerequisite. 

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IPE Major Requirements

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2021-22 Economics & Business Teaching Schedule

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