Get Involved in the CCE

This page provides a roadmap to getting involved in the CCE!

Engagement Opportunities

Civic Leadership Programs

Public Achievement (PA) is a youth civic engagement program in which college students guide local middle schoolers through the process of researching and organizing around issues they identify in their communities.

The Community Engaged Scholar program develops and supports students' commitment to and capacity for sustained, informed, and deliberate community engagement.

The Bonner Fellowship is a nationally recognized, cohort based, paid civic leadership program. Students get an opportunity to do deep and impactful work, reflect on their engagement experiences, and build a community with other students who want to make an impact in their communities.  Bonners commit to 24 hours of paid community engagement, community building, and learning and reflection .

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Financial Support

Did you know you can apply for $10,000 to implement a community project over the summer that promotes peace and conflict resolution?  Projects can take place anywhere in the world, giving you the opportunity to invest in peacebuilding from locations abroad to Colorado Springs to your hometown.  This is a mentored process, and faculty and staff across the campus are available to help you refine your project ideas. 

Learn more about the Davis Projects here.

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General Resources

Reserving Meeting Space in the CCE

You may request after-hour or weekend usage by filling out the request form in summit. Requests should be made at least 48 hours in advance. Reservations may be denied due to conflicts with other programming or at the discretion of the CCE staff. Any key checked out must be kept in the possession of the representative and used only for the scheduled event. Keys must be returned within 24 hours after the event.

Transportation Options

 Public Transportation


The CCE has folding pocket maps and additional route information available for interested students. Mountain Metro also has the following information available online:

College bus pass program
Instructions for how to use the COS metro
My Next Bus
System Map (pdf)


Bicycle Access


Pike Ride:

Getting started with the new electric-assist bikes is easy, and your first twenty minutes are free. Simply download the Drop Mobility app on your smart phone and follow the in-app instructions:

CCE Bicycles

The CCE has a small number of bikes that can be used free of charge for a day by students to get to and from local non-profits, schools, etc. for community engagement. Anyone wishing to use a bike should fill out the form in Summit.

Resources Beyond the CCE

Frequently Asked Questions

We love our CCE-affiliated student organizations and are excited to support you in either joining or creating one. We highly recommend you check out our current list of student organizations through this link and see if any of the listed organizations' mission statements align with your interests. If you do not see what you are looking for, then you can fill out the application form that is also listed on that website and submit a proposal to CCE staff. Once we receive your proposal, we will set up a meeting with you to discuss possible sites you could partner with, areas for collaboration, and general student organization policies. If you would like additional support or information for this process, you can reach out to CCE staff member Niki Sosa (

Great! Landing on the CCE webpage is a great place to start, so you are already on the right track. We encourage all students looking to volunteer off-campus to join a BreakOut trip on a Saturday or Block Break to do direct service work in collaboration with other students and a trained BreakOut leader, or check out our updated list of volunteer opportunities here. Additionally, we encourage students looking to do collaborative off-campus project-based work to join one of our ten issue-based coalitions. Each coalition has an Issue Organizer student intern, who is responsible for partnering with interested students in finding meaningful work within their designated issue area. If you are inclined to do off-campus work in a class-setting or an applied research, read about PEAK Project here. Finally, we encourage all students to set up a meeting with a CCE staff or Co-op member to further explore options, using this scheduling link.

If you are looking to do an engaged research project out of personal interest, for a capstone or thesis project, and/or for research experience and connection-building, we recommend you read about PEAK Project here.  After that, please reach out to our CCE Director, Jordan Travis Radke, at  

Great question. We recommend reaching out to our Community Partnership Coordinator Niki Sosa Gallegos ( for advice and tips on partner outreach.

While we hope that community engagement helps break up the intensity of the block plan and rigorous academics by providing an outlet for community connection and relationship-building beyond the campus, we do understand that finding the balance between community engagement and school work can be a challenge, especially when students are balancing additional jobs or extra-curricular activities as well. We recommend reaching out to the Advising Hub to talk through time management strategies, or reaching out to one of our current student interns to learn about the ways that they personally practice time management.

Thank you for being attentive and looking for next steps. As an adult working with youth, you are responsible for reporting your observation to the school district, and Colorado youth mandatory reporting agency. Please reach out to CCE Student Engagement Coordinator, Sarah Elsey, at with questions.

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