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CCE By-the-Numbers


The CCE started recording more detailed engagement data in 2017. Engagement data is reported for CCE programs, student org participation, workshop attendance, community-based learning courses, athletics, and more. Although we can't capture everything that happens every year, we're proud of the activity this data represents and continue to work to provide more pathways for students to engage and learn every year.


2019-2020: 1147 students (~52% of the student body) reported 62,376 hours of engagement, mostly from September-March (due to Covid-19)

2018-2019: 1097 students (~49% of the student body) reported 55,155 hours of engagement

2017-2018: 1348 students (~59% of the student body) reported 33,500 hours of engagement

While the number of students that reported engagement activity to us is less than it was in 2017-2018, the amount of engagement has dramatically increased. In the latest Student Experience Survey, an impressive 72% of students claimed to have engaged in the community, so the amount of work is likely higher as well.

Additional numbers from 2019-2020 can be found to the right.

More comprehensive information can be found in the documents below.

2019-2020 CCE Impact Report

2017-2020 Engagement Data Comparison

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