Student Mini-Grants

Supported by the William P. Dean Memorial Fund

The William P. Dean Memorial Fund supports undergraduate initiatives and projects that collaborate with a community nonprofit to address the needs of marginalized populations.

Any student-initiated project that works with a community nonprofit partner to address a social need will be eligible. Applicants should be actively engaged in community-based work in the local Colorado Springs community or in the student's home community.


Proposed projects will be evaluated according to the following dimensions:

  1. strength of their community impact;
  2. extent to which the project is co-created with community members and organizations;
  3. extent to which the project supports a reciprocal partnership;
  4. sustainability of the project;
  5. extent to which the funding is needed and impactful; and
  6. opportunities for student development and growth.

Proposal Information and Guidelines:

  • To apply to this fund during open application rounds, please click the link above or visit the CCE Summit site. Students will be notified of awards by e-mail.
  • Any questions can be sent
  • All grant decisions will be made collectively by the CCE staff.
  • The CCE will support and advise funded projects, and students will be expected to check in blockly with the CCE to share progress (or monthly for projects that occur over the summer). These check-ins will be used to troubleshoot any issues as well as to share updates on the project so that the CCE can provide reports to the family of William P. Dean.
  • If over the course of the project the student would like to substantially change the use of funds from the proposed budget, the student must formally request budget revisions in writing. Any revisions must be approved by the CCE Director.
  • The collaborative non-profit agency must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt under section 501c(3) and provide a valid employer identification number or qualify as an instrument of a state or local government under IRS Code section 170c(1).
  • Students are eligible for one grant per academic year.
  • Grant funds expire one calendar year from the date of the award.

Projects will only be funded if the COVID-19 context and restrictions allow, under travel and safety guidelines, following best practices recommended by CC, the CDC, and any national or local governments of the areas in which you work.

Awards are funded up to $1,000 and total budget for the year is $3,000.

About William Dean:

William Dean was born June 29, 1951 in Phoenix, Arizona. He graduated from high school in 1969, and attended Colorado College from 1969 to 1973, graduating in 1973 with a B.A. in Anthropology. His natural curiosity with the history, beliefs, and cultures of indigenous peoples was enriched by the course of study he engaged in while at Colorado College. The academic and practical experiences William had during his four years at CC resulted in him developing an appreciation for working with people from diverse backgrounds and a passion for engaging in issues of social justice.

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