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Please use the form below to express interest in teaching in the LACF Initiative. We are  currently seeking educators to teach a Writing for College course in the spring (2023)and will be reviewing expressions of interest over block 3 (October 24-November 18).  However, we are accepting expressions of interest for all three of the courses offered through LACF (mathematics, writing, and humanities).

Through the LACF, Colorado College faculty offer for-credit courses at no cost in the Youthful Offenders System (YOS) facility in Pueblo, which serves a population of 19 to 25-year-olds.  Student receive credit through Pueblo Community College (PCC), and courses are guaranteed to transfer as core requirements toward associates or bachelor's degrees at any Colorado public institution of higher learning.  The foundation of LACF is a 3-way partnership between Colorado College, the Colorado Department of Corrections, and Pueblo Community College (PCC).

Through LACF, CC offers a rotation of three courses - a mathematics, writing, and humanities course; one course is taught each semester. 

Frequently Asked Questions

College-Level Writing: 

Emphasizes the planning, writing and revising of compositions, including the development of critical and logical thinking skills. This course includes a minimum of five compositions that stress analytical, evaluative and persuasive/argumentative writing. 

Humanities Course: 

The Humanities course may be any of three world cultures segments (Humanities 121, 122, and 123), respectively addressing ancient/medieval, modern, and recent periods. Instructors, due to Colorado standards, will use the appropriate section of the multi-volume textbook, The Humanistic Tradition, by Gloria Fiero. Please note that major elements of the Fiero text are visual, so teaching requires slide lectures supported by an HDMI-connected big-screen television in the YOS visiting room. 

College Algebra course: 

Explores topics including intermediate algebra, equations, and inequalities, functions and their graphs, exponential and logarithmic functions, linear and nonlinear systems, selection of topics from among graphing of the conic sections, introduction to sequences and series permutations and combinations, the binomial theorem and theory of equations. 


As guaranteed transfer courses, instructors must work within the parameters and guidelines set by the state.  However, the CC educator will design the syllabus for this course in collaboration with Pueblo Community College (PCC) faculty, and in doing so, may bring in other primary and scholarly sources.  

Class sessions run for thirteen or fourteen weeks, with two-hour sessions in Pueblo on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  LACF will cover your mileage expenses to and from YOS. 

Teachers will receive a $6,500 stipend to teach one semester-long course. In addition, LACF will be able to cover expenses related to teaching, such as books and other materials, and mileage to and from YOS.


Instructors must complete a background check and submit CVs to Pueblo Community College's administration. All offers are contingent upon candidates passing the extensive DOC background check and approval process.  

The CC Incarceration Community Engagement Group, comprised of faculty and academic staff, will provide support and guidance in navigating PCC guidelines and Department of Corrections policies. 

You can read more about the program on the main webpage, here. Faculty and staff interested in applying (or getting involved in the future) are encouraged to watch the 2021 LACF info session, linked here if they did not attend the session in person. 

Questions about the program of the call for letters of interest can be directed to the CC Incarceration Community Engagement Group (Jordan Travis Radke, Paul Adler, Shawn Womack, Niki Sosa Gallegos).

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