CCE Student Intern Team


CCE Intern Team 2023As our office name suggests, we are a collaboration of people and efforts that support community engagement on and off campus. We see our intern team as a cooperative or "co-op" of students who work toward a common purpose or benefit through a jointly-owned and democratically managed enterprise. In the business world, a cooperative is a way for people to meet their own needs through a company that is owned and operated by the people who use its products and services. The CCE's student intern team is the structure through which students can guide, direct, and take joint ownership of the work of the CCE. Our goal is to equitably share voice, power, decision-making, and meaning-making of our office with students.

The Intern Team



Student Director of the Bonner Fellowship

Mackenzie Wagner

Major: Feminist & Gender Studies

Bio: Hi hi! My name is Mackenzie, I also go by Mack, and I am the Student Director of the Bonner Fellowship! I’m from Denver, CO and am a junior this year, majoring Feminist and Gender Studies and minoring in Education. I enjoy making art, cooking, Rummikub, and golfing. Within my role at the CCE, I am a resource for current and prospective Bonner fellows and put together much of the Bonner programming. By participating in community engagement with the CCE, I found community on and off campus, and I hope the same for you. If you’re interested in how to get involved with the Bonner Fellowship or the CCE in general, please email me! 


Mila Naumovska

Student Director of Student Engagement

Mila Naumovska

Bio: Hi there! I'm Mila from Macedonia, born and raised in the capital, Skopje. I am the Student Director of Engagement, and I am a sophomore this year, majoring in Political Science and History, minoring in Spanish. Within my role at the CCE, I serve as a resource for all CES and help Sarah oversee and run the program. My passion for community engagement came to light during my last two years of high school that I spent in India, where I had a chance to work with the local community, both on and off campus. If you have any questions regarding the CES program, community engagement opportunities, or the CCE in general, do not hesitate to reach out to me!





McCune_Brendan2023Student Director of BreakOut

Brendan McCune

Bio: I’m a junior from Greeley, CO and I am a collector of rare trinkets, doo-dads, and things of the knick-knack variety. I think BreakOut is the bee’s knees because it lets me get to know the Colorado Springs community and the CC community at the same time, which is a pretty stupendous deal.  Also, I think BreakOut is right up your alley, anonymous internet user, so come check it out! 


Student Director of Communications

Ell Bond


Bio: Coming Soon!


Kalikow_Yonah2023Student Director of Communications

Yonah Kalikow 

Major: Undecided

Bio: Hi! I am a sophomore at CC from outside of Boston. I am interested in both Organismal Biology and Ecology and Southwest Studies, so I am using my time without a major to continue to explore all CC offers! My interest in community engagement began towards the end of high school and into my gap year when I worked on a small farm that focused on combating food insecurity. I had many opportunities to engage with community organizations and began to see how crucial organizations are to supporting communities. I am excited to continue pursuing this work through the CCE at CC! In my free time I enjoy cooking dinner, fiber arts, and experiencing the outdoors! 


Hoskinson_Jaxon2023Student Director of Communications

Jaxon Hoskinson 

Major: Political Science & Philosophy

Bio: Hi! Jaxon is/ I am a Senior Political Science and Philosophy double major who is starting my 3rd year at the CCE. In that time, I loved getting to know people and spreading the word about LGBTQIA2+ events and spaces, and I can't wait to do that for all of the awesome opportunities the CCE has to offer. Personally, the CCE has helped me grow my love for creating community and collaboration with local non profits. I even spent last summer interning at an organization I met through the CCE! I can't wait to help others grow in the same way I have been able to, so don't hesitate to reach out with questions! 


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