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    Community Engaged Fellows

    Scroll down to meet the first three cohorts at CC!

    Class of 2021

    Martrice Ellis '21

    Hometown: Florrisant, MO
    Major: Neuroscience
    Minor: Anthropology

    Bio: TBD


    Isa Hussain '21

    Hometown: Miami, FL
    Major: Organismal Biology & Ecology
    Minors Biochemistry, Arabic and Islamic Studies

    Bio: My name is Asa Hussain, but you can call me Isa ("Ee-sa"). I’m from Miami, Florida, where I first started my journey into community engagement. In high school, I volunteered with organizations such as Biscayne National Park, This is the Dog! Pet Adoptions, and Pages for All Ages Mentorship Program. As a Community Engaged Fellow, I have interned with Rocky Mountain Field Institute and, during my sophomore year, I will be the CCE/CEF Intern, where I hope to continue building the Community Engaged Fellowship Program and helping new and incoming fellows through their first year in college! Academically, I am following the pre-veterinarian track with a major in Organismal Biology and Ecology and minors in Biochemistry and Arabic and Islamic Studies. I am super passionate about community engagement that is personal and meaningful to me and diversity and inclusion work, so I’m proud to be both a Community Engaged Fellow and a Butler Center Intern. Some student organizations I have been active in include Theatre Workshop, Queer People of Color, and the Muslim Student Association. When I can find the spare time (or even when I don’t), I like to run, draw, read, hit the gym, socialize, and cook. I also enjoy acting, listening to a variety of music, and being by the ocean (hard RIP).


    Heba Shiban '21

    Hometown: Latakia, Syria & Phoenix, AZ
    Major: Political Science
    Minor: German

    Bio: When my family immigrated to the US, we had to deal with a plethora of issues. The one obstacle that would confuse me was the medical care we would receive as a lower-income family. It was abysmal, and we had this thought coming from Syria. We would always wonder why this supposedly amazing developed country had such terrible healthcare. So, I decided to make it my goal to work in health care policy in the future. Through the Community Engaged Fellowship, I am able to intern in the Southern Colorado Health network which is great experience for me.


    Samuel Vang '21

    Hometown: Acworth, GE
    Major: Feminst and Gender Studies
    Minor: Computer Science

    Bio: Howdy! My name is Samuel Vang (he/him/his). You can call me Sam, Samuel, whatever you want really, but I introduce myself as Vang because there are so many Sam/uels on campus. I'm from metro-Atlanta, about 20 minutes north of the city. I am a Sophomore here at CC, and I am majoring in Feminist and Gender Studies and intend on minoring in Computer Science. I have been interested in politics and community engagement since the age of 7, when I helped in a mayoral campaign (he won!). In high school, I attended an International Studies magnet program where I was in Interact Club, HEROs club, Humanitarian club, and I was the president of my school's National Honors Society. Last year in the CEF program, I interned for the Meadows Park Community Center here in C-Springs. I am a Bridge Scholar, a brother of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, a Synergy member, a Groundskeeper, and the Treasurer of the Mixed Kids Club. In my free time, I like to hit the gym, listen to ATL and Florida trap music, go on walks, worship Young Thug, sit on my front porch, sleep, and listen to member-supported 90.1 WABE Atlanta's Choice for NPR.

    Reilly Williams '21

    Hometown: TBD
    Major: TBD
    Minor: TBD

    Bio: TBD

    Class of 2022


    Nicole Chavrria '22

    Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: I am from the DMV area. I was born in D.C. but did most of my schooling in Montgomery County, Maryland. I love being in D.C. and exploring there. I have had experience in community service through my school and other programs I have been a part of, such as NJROTC, NHS, IB, and LTI. I have volunteered at many school-hosted events, family markets and food banks, helped pick up trash around my school, and tutored. I am going into CC as a Chemistry major for now, but I know I might change majors. I am into sports and games. When it comes to games, I am, at times, very competitive.


    Yajie (Angelina) Chen '22

    Hometown: Guangzhou, China
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: I grew up in Guangzhou (a city where the best food in China exists), and went to high school in Shenzhen to study A-Level courses. Sociology, Spanish and theater were my favorites but my major at CC is still undecided. I enjoy hiking and doing farm stays, so environmental science might be a fit too. In terms of community service and engagement, I’ve been an activist and volunteer in the fields of education, sustainability, feminism and LGBTQ+. I also worked with both local and international NGOs, schools, sociologists and anthropologists in China. I'm a huge fan of post rock and indie, and I listen to a little bit of everything in different languages. My favorite bands are Sigur Rós, Arcade Fire, mol-74 and Beach House.


    Daniel Cortes '22

    Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
    Major: Independently Designed Major

    Bio: I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and became acquainted with community service during my time attending Amy Biehl High School. Beginning my freshman year of high school, I visited several service sites, each providing me with new skills, and an opportunity to make a difference. The following year, I helped to spearhead "Project NOVA", an opt-in, week long service trip to Portales, New Mexico, where we assisted New Mexico Christian Children's Home in their mission to better the lives of vulnerable children. My junior year I remained a part of that project and volunteered at a summer camp. My senior year I conducted a 100-hour service project involving the operation of my own organization. In my free time, I enjoy bike rides, soccer, meditation, and hanging out with my closest friends. I also have a passion for creating and listening to music.


    Dylan Hall '22

    Hometown: Buffalo, NY
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: I’m 18 years old and a 2018 graduate from Nichols School in Buffalo, New York. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, I moved to Buffalo when I was 10. At Nichols, I discovered and explored my interest in languages and cultures; studying Mandarin Chinese for eight years and Spanish for three. I plan to continue my study of these languages and others at CC. My life goal is to visit as many countries and learn as many languages as possible. My focus on community engagement led me to organize and host the Nichols annual Inclusivity Conference, construct a Black History course my junior year, volunteer with the Home Again organization, and assist with a children’s play day for underprivileged kids at my school. I look forward to becoming a Community Engaged Fellow and working in the Colorado Springs community. I enjoy listening to music, reading, and watching Netflix in my spare time.


    Annika Koch '22

    Hometown: Zimmerman, MN
    Major: Education

    Bio: I come from a large family of 11 children and one beautiful mother. I have always known I’ve wanted to be a teacher. In high school, I volunteered in mentor groups for younger students and I was an Avid coach. I took a gap year before attending CC. During that time, I dedicated 900 hours of my year to volunteering as a Minnesota Reading Corps tutor at a local preschool. My passion for education has guided a lot of my decisions in my life. I enjoy reading a good book, playing video games, and listening to some great music. My favorite hobbies are sewing and quilting.


    Julieta Lechini '22

    Hometown: Montevideo, Uruguay
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: From an early age, I participated in community activities such as "Un techo para mi pais", I was a facilitator at my high school for 2 years, and I created a project to build libraries in some of the poorest schools of my city. When I was 16 years old, I attended United World College in Germany. Apart from the community events I lead and participated in, I worked with refugees and immigrants helping to teach English and do integration activities. Last year, I went to Senegal for a bridge year and I tried to immerse myself in the culture, learn the beautiful language of Wolof, participate in English classes, work at a women’s cooking cooperative, and work at an NGO for children with disabilities. Throughout my life, experience has taught me the importance of learning before trying to help and that to change the world first we need to understand each other. Apart from a deep love to serve, meet people and learn, I love anthropology, feminism, traveling, singing and playing (some) sports.


    Jasmine Linder '22

    Hometown: Portland, OR
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: I am so honored to be a Community Engaged Fellow. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, with my single mom and our many pets. In my free time, I love to paint, play the guitar, and hike in Oregon’s beautiful forests! While living in Portland, I have developed a strong passion for many issues, especially those regarding environmental justice and women’s rights. So far, my most influential commitments of service, community engagement, and leadership have been through public protests, as well as two organizations called Outdoor School and Amigos de las Americas. These opportunities have challenged me, but were undoubtedly the most rewarding experiences of my life. Although I have participated in some political activism and service, I am excited to further my experience through the Community Engaged Fellowship.


    Min Pan '22

    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: Over the past three years, I have had the pleasure of participating in a mentoring organization called Minds Matter. My involvement as a mentee instilled an interest in me to help immigrant and under-resourced communities, specifically to better inform and provide resources for students and families on the education system in the United States. I was also engaged with my school’s track and field team, in which I helped guide and support the underclassmen in jumps. Because of my activities, I hope to learn more about sports medicine, leadership, and the people I will work with and for. One activity I hope to learn at Colorado College would be ice skating. In my free time, I enjoy watching dramas, journaling, and attempting to cook.


    Maddie Ross '22

    Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: I am a life-long local of the Colorado Springs region here in the Centennial State. Growing up in the downtown area, the non-profit hub has had a major impact on me from an early age. Since accompanying my parents on their volunteer efforts and discovering the vitality of communal spirit over time, engagement with my surroundings has become an ongoing mission. Thus far, I have had the opportunity to become involved with the Pikes Peak Library District, Penrose Hospital, Catamount Institute, and Colorado Springs Teen Court. Additionally, I enjoy gaining perspective through photography, poetry and literature—I am currently intrigued by transcendentalism and Greek theater—and hiking. I am also an advocate for communication (avid speech writer for speech/debate) and a Taekwondo black belt.


    Lonnell Schuler '22

    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: I graduated from Manual Arts High School as senior vice president, in Southern California. In high school, I was the Battalion Commander for the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp program. For the past two years, I have been an avid peer educator for Black Women for Wellness (BWW), a community-based non-profit organization, that empowered me to become an instrumental member in my community. As a peer educator, I taught comprehensive sexual education classes to high school students. My classes included information on birth control, STD/STIs, and healthy relationships. During my time as a peer educator, I founded the Youth Advisory Board for BWW. I now aim to lower the rates of STD/STIs in my community and educate my peers on safe sex and healthy relationships. In my spare time, I play the trumpet, listen to music, and read.

    Class of 2023


    Sunderland Baker '23

    Hometown: Thornton, CO
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: I am from Lansdale, PA, but spent most of my education here in Colorado. My passion for community service stems from my physical disability; I was born with a rare form of dwarfism that provoked muscle strictures that led to a decline in walking ability. Given this harrowing experience, as I rebuilt my grit, I grew a fond appreciation for those who have helped me, therefore I volunteer as a method of reciprocity. I have volunteered at several area hospitals doing receptionist/radiology work, food banks, adapting toys, and was a co-president in a volunteerism group prior to college. I am so stoked to be a Community Engaged Fellow and hope that it will complement my prospective neuroscience major and education minor! In my free (and precious) spare time, I love to explore local trails and see as many classical concerts/theatre shows as possible!


    Chloe Brooks-Kistler '23

    Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO 
    Major: Political Science

    Bio: I was born and raised in Colorado Springs. During my high school years, I volunteered at Colorado Springs Teen Court where I became a first chair student attorney. At Teen Court, I got to learn more about the lives of other teens in the Colorado Springs area. It really opened my eyes to how different people’s lives can be and made me want to help those who were less privileged than I am. I also volunteer at 91.5 KRCC, Colorado College’s NPR station. In college, I am going to pursue a political science degree which I hope to use in the future in working in public relations. I love watching documentaries and movies of all different genres. Learning about new cultures is also something I am very passionate about.


    Filip Carnogursky '23

    Hometown: Tesáre, Slovakia
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: With a population of eight hundred and one road leading in and out, everything about my village is small - apart from my family of eight and the community spirit. Together we’ve built a spring, a mortuary, and a playground. Through activities like these, I have learned that working with peers is fun. As a result, I’ve co-organized farewells for graduates and strove to improve the student wellbeing through anti-bullying and peer-support initiatives. I’ve also facilitated summer camps, the most memorable was in a marginalized Romani community. This experience prompted me to co-found an Amnesty International School Club, which organized petition campaigns, refugee dinners, and presentations about social injustices. I took a gap year in Brazil, during which I volunteered as a marketing assistant in an educational NGO that works for children from favelas. I found out that I am not into marketing, but instead love to hike, read and lose political discussions.


    Tamar Crump '23

    Hometown: St. Louis, MO
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and was homeschooled by my mother until middle school. Throughout middle school and high school, I was heavily involved in my schools' local food pantry, a nonprofit organization run by students called Weekend on Wheels, that boxed meals for families within the district every week. Within the organization, I was the lead intern and helped train interns and implement new systems. I also worked closely with Key Club and Student Council groups to volunteer for local organizations and events, such as the MIscais 5K Walk and Run. This was an event that donated children’s books to students who were unable to afford them. I also volunteered to assist the schools’ ESL teacher and helped teach students the English language. My hobbies include painting, sewing, and dance. I also enjoy hiking and would love to learn how to kayak!


    Elvia Star Goudriaan '23

    Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: Though I was born in El Paso, Texas, I hardly remember it. What I do remember is the hot, humid summers in Puerto Vallarta and the cold, dry winters of Santa Fe. Though I have volunteered through Planned Parenthood, the National Honor Society, the bilingual club at my school, and the food depot (among other places), I'm always looking for new ways to get involved and learn from different people in my community. I love traveling, photography, and writing — especially about the people I meet and the stories I hear on my various adventures from Taos to New York City. I also love swimming, being outdoors, spending time with my family, and cooking. I think that understanding people and their history is vital to contributing all one can to the enrichment of one's society, and the interactions I have made with people through doing volunteer work have often been the most meaningful to me.


    Annie Hennessy '23

    Hometown: Jackson, WY
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: My name is Annie Hennessy, and I am from Jackson, WY. For the majority of my young adulthood, I have participated in various forms of community engagement. Throughout my high school career, I dedicated much of my time to working with young children in an under-resourced city. It was there where my passion for working with children grew. I also was able to serve as my school prefect, which sparked my interest in female empowerment. I was lucky enough to further pursue these passions during my gap year, when I traveled to East Africa and Costa Rica to learn about education systems in both of these places. Beyond service, I love hiking and snowboarding!


    Nghi Lam '23

    Hometown: Seattle, WA
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: My name is Nghi Lam (knee-lamb). I immigrated from Vietnam when I was 9 and grew up in beautiful Seattle with my mom. I enjoy hiking, eating, jig-saw-puzzling, and yoga! My love for community service blossomed when I first taught Vietnamese at a local Vietnamese school, and then interned for a local nonprofit focused on providing resources for Vietnamese immigrants. Through that internship, I went on many charity trips to understand what lives are like in Vietnam’s countryside. I also served on my school's ASB council and volunteered with my city council to understand more about income and racial diversity in the South Seattle community.


    Casmali Lopez '23

    Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: I was born in Santa Barbara into one of the last Chumash families to live in Montecito, the original village of Shalawa. I grew up involved in the resurgence of the Chumash Maritime culture participating in the building of Tomols, crafting paddles, making cordage and singing traditional songs in ceremony with community both human and nonhuman. I have participated in social justice activism for most of my life as being indigenous necessitates an anti-colonial ontology. I have worked with community in multiple capacities, from direct action to mutual aid and education.


    Sierra Moore '23

    Hometown: Sartell, MN
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: I'm from Sartell Minnesota, which is small town in central MN. The weather here is mostly gray, but when the sun finally does come out, I love being outdoors and hiking. Throughout high school I was in band, choir, tennis, and theatre. When possible, I volunteer at the Humane Society, the Salvation Army, and Country Manor (our local nursing home). The most influential experience I've had volunteering was in the Dominican Republic with an organization called Seven Elements. This group focuses on sustainability and partnership, not just service, and it really changed my perspective on how I view my role in the world around me. Since I was a sophomore, I spent most of my time working to support my family. My home life is what really inspired me to pay goodwill and hard work forward. I'm incredibly excited to engage in this program and for the opportunity to give back. I currently work at a gas station, dog sit, and do landscaping. Although much of my time goes to work, I really do enjoy working with plants and animals. In my spare time I have turned most of our home into a small forest, taking in every plant our house can hold.


    Juniper Wolf '23

    Hometown: Mt. Pleasant, UT
    Major: Undecided

    Bio: I am from Mt. Pleasant, a rural farm town in Central Utah. Throughout my high school years, I have been a member of National Honor Society. Because of this stellar program, I have been able to serve others in a multitude of ways, including helping as a farm hand, visiting elderly members of my community, and taking cords of wood to people in need so they would be protected against the sub-zero temperatures of Utah winters. I served my school community as both Sophomore and Junior Class President, acted as a school ambassador, and was President of National Honor Society. In terms of my interests and hobbies, I enjoy playing the guitar, singing, and listening to most genres of music. I love art and have recently begun to teach myself how to oil paint. I also run, snowboard, and enjoy spending time in nature.