The CCE offers students, staff/faculty, and community organizations many ways to get collaborate to try and address local issues. Some of these have existed for years. Others have come about as a result of our recent strategic planning efforts. Below is a list of some of our current goals as they relate to our strategic plan, and some of the corresponding programming that we facilitate.



Engage students locally

Student Organizations

Community-Based Work Study

"On-Ramps" (Week of Action, Engagement Fair)

Prepare students to engage intentionally and equitably

Civic Leadership Pathway (Scholars, Leaders, Fellows)

Community Organizing Pathway (Public Achievement, Co-Op)

Integrate community work into the classroom & research

Faculty Development (Faculty Conversations, CER learning circle)

PEAK Inquiry Project

Support community partnerships

High Impact Partnership (HIP) initiative

Foster Campus Collaboration

Faculty Service Committees

CCE Issue-Based Coalitions

Invite community to campus

College Access Initiative (Stroud Scholars Program)

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