Like to bike, but don't have a bike? Don't have a car? Have a car, but don't want to drive? Check out PikeRide!

Colorado College has partnered with PikeRide, Colorado Springs' bike share program that provides bikes at convenient locations across campus for use throughout the service area. All PikeRide bikes are electric-assist bikes which make the joy of cycling accessible to many more users. Simply download the PikeRide app and locate a bike to get started.

things to know

Humans in Baskets

The baskets attached to PikeRide bikes are intended for carrying 15lbs or less. Please do not use the baskets to carry humans. CC students who are caught carrying humans in baskets will be banned from using PikeRide. 

Parking PikeRide At CC

Vehicles parked on the Colorado College campus MUST be parked at a PikeRide hub. The ride cannot be ended outside of the 4 hubs on campus (Tutt Library, Worner/Cossitt, Armstrong, Fine Arts Center). See below hubs.

PikeRide Pic

Don't Get Charged
  • Vehicles parked outside the coverage area will accrue fees no less than $20.
  • Do not block pedestrian walkways or access points when ending your ride.
  • Vehicles should always be accessible to the public. Do not lock indoors or restrict public access.

 PikeRide Facts
  • Memberships must be set up with your @coloradocollege.edu email.
  • Riders can park vehicles anywhere within the coverage area for no additional charge.
  • Coverage area includes the estimated 15 square miles of the greater Legacy Loop area.
  • PikeRide vehicles are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Riders must be 16 year or older.
  • Helmets use is encouraged but not required by law.
Report an issue - Last updated: 08/23/2021


Get Started

All students, faculty, and staff ride for FREE with PikeRide. 

1. Download the PikeRide app on your phone.

2.  Set up an account using your @coloradocollege.edu email domain.

3. Allow 24 hours for your membership to be activated.

4. Watch the in-app instructions on how to use PikeRide. 

5. Enjoy 90 minutes of free ride time per day! 

**BEFORE YOU RIDE: Please read the pricing guidelines

Get Riding

1. Open the PikeRide app on your phone. 

2. Find the nearest PikeRide bike. There are four hubs on campus: Worner Campus Center, Tutt Library, Fine Arts Center, and Armstrong Hall. 

3. Press the scan button at the bottom of the app to scan the QR code located on the handlebars. 

4. Start riding! 

Locking Up

1. Lock your vehicle to a safe object. Bikes must be locked, tethered, and in public right of way when not in use.

2. Follow the in-app instructions to submit a photo of your properly locked vehicle.

* PARKING YOUR BIKE: Vehicles parked on the Colorado College campus MUST be parked at a PikeRide hub station. They are not allowed to be left just anywhere on campus.