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Volunteerism and the sense of compassion, empathy, and mutual understanding that community service helps develop are fundamental to achieving a sustainable community. From tutoring children to removing invasive species to volunteering at the CC Farm, students, faculty, and staff can make tangible contributions that address sustainability challenges through community service. Community engagement can help students develop leadership skills while deepening their understanding of practical, real-world problems. Colorado College can contribute to our campus community by harnessing our financial and academic resources to address community needs. In addition, we can contribute toward sustainability broadly through inter-campus collaboration, engagement with external networks and organizations, and public policy advocacy. For example, the college has frameworks for community stakeholder engagement in governance, strategy, and operations. The college also works in conjunction with local and state leaders to help advance sustainability issues that affect the college and our surrounding community.

If you have any questions about our volunteer programs, please email the Sustainability Coordinator Mae Rohrbach at mrohrbach@coloradocollege.edu  

Programmatic Volunteer

The PV position is a great way to dive deeper into the ongoing efforts of specific teams in the Office of Sustainability. If you are hoping to focus on building certain skill sets, gaining new experiences, and learning about the processes to make a change on the CC campus, the PV position is what you are looking for! The position does require more hours to be dedicated to the Office of Sustainability, but it is flexible and highly rewarding. Depending on the intern and your passion for certain topics, there is an opportunity to lead certain projects or efforts within the team.

Is This Right For You:

  • If you have the time to commit 2-3 hours weekly or 10 hours blockly and want to get heavily involved with ongoing efforts at the Office of Sustainability, the PV position allows you to work with a specific intern team on accomplishing set goals.

  • If you are hoping to become a future Office of Sustainability Intern, this is a great way for you to work closely with the interns and the efforts they pursue throughout the academic year

Required Expectations:

  • Volunteer up to 2-3 Hours/Week or 10 Hours/Block on a specific team 

  • Record your volunteer hours on a blockly basis 

  • Attend the OOS Meet & Greet

  • Attend 2 Team Meetings with the Sustainability Coordinator

Become A Programmatic Volunteer (PV): Currently, we are NOT accepting any applications for the PV position

Application Process Overview:

  • Submit an application through Summit 
    • Includes a Letter of Interest AND Resume 

  • Interview for a specific team(s) you are interested in (up to 3 teams)
    • Teams: Emissions, Communications, STARS, Campus Programming, & Waste 

Learn more about each team and what you might be doing throughout the academic year! 

EcoFund Volunteer

The mission of the EcoFund is to foster the design and implementation of campus sustainability initiatives and to put into action one of CC’s core values, “nurturing a sense of place and an ethic of environmental sustainability." EcoFund is available to currently enrolled CC students and provides financial support for projects, events, or research - for up to $1,000 per application. 

Volunteer Description: 

  • The OOS is looking for 2-3 volunteers to help with the marketing of EcoFund, review of EcoFund applications, and project follow-up with applicants.  

  • Occasional meetings with the Sustainability Director and Coordinator will be required to review and discuss EcoFund applications. 

  • Occasional meetings with the Sustainability Coordinator will be set to identify independent tasks related to EcoFund. 

Required Expectations:

  • Volunteer up to 2-3 Hours/Block 

  • Record your volunteer hours on a blockly basis

  • Meet with the Sustainability Coordinator blockly

Become An EcoFund Volunteer:

  • Reach out to the OOS by emailing sustainability@coloradocollege.eduInclude a brief email about WHY you are interested in getting involved with the EcoFund.

  • Meet 1:1 with Sustainability Coordinator Mae Rohrbach to learn more and determine if this will be meaningful work for you during your time at CC. 
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