Waste At CC

Colorado College is focused on minimizing the amount of waste we produce by working on various efforts, initiatives, and projects in partnership with many units across campus to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 


Colorado College recognizes not only the importance of diverting our waste but reducing the amount of waste produced on our campus. CC partners with several local companies in Colorado Springs to collect our compost, recycle, landfill, and e-waste. 

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Official College Policy

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We are working to standardize all of our waste bins on campus through our waste reduction program to match international standards - blue for recycle, green for compost, and black for landfill. The program we are deploying across campus through Sodexo and Facilities Services is in line with national waste diversion program standards. A black container is always paired with a blue container, and a green container is always placed in rooms where food catering occurs, in break rooms, and in bathrooms for composting of paper towel waste. We've seen significant results from this program and applaud your efforts in diverting waste from landfills.

Many people have had questions about what can and cannot be recycled or composted. Our waste hauler, Green For Life (GFL), has specific guidelines on this topic for the facilities available in our area. Click on the link above to learn more about our general guidelines to address some of the most common diversion questions.

Waste Stream By Color

In an effort to align our waste infrastructure with international standards, all waste bins and signage have a dedicated color and symbol.



Looking to recycle your e-waste? Learn where and how to by clicking on the image below.