The mission of the EcoFund is to foster the design and implementation of campus sustainability initiatives and to put into action one of CC’s core values, “nurturing a sense of place and an ethic of environmental sustainability." Additionally, we hope to align all projects with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

EcoFund is available to currently enrolled Colorado College students. The EcoFund provides financial support for projects, events, or research. The applicant will be responsible for initiating, implementing, and advocating for the project, event, or research.

Established by the Campus Sustainability Council (CSC) and maintained through the Office of Sustainability, applications are accepted on a rolling basis during the academic year. Applications are awarded up to $1,000 per project. 

application process

The Idea

If you are interested in making CC more sustainable, we are interested in funding your idea! Students are encouraged to apply as long as your idea works to advance one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) AND aligns with sustainability initiatives on-campus.

The Application

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis during the academic year and should be submitted at least one block prior to the proposal’s anticipated start date. All applications may be submitted through the EcoFund Summit portal. Each application will include the following information and are required for submission:

  • General Information
    • Project Name 
    • Project Leaders
    • Project Sponsors
    • Estimate Project Dates
  • Detailed Budget (Find Budget Template to download under More Information) 
  • Written Responses (See More Information)  
    • Project Description
    • Sustainability Alignment 
    • Campus Engagement 
    • Project Benefits
  • Estimated Timeline 
    • All projects should plan to be completed within a one-year timeframe once approved. Projects may be extended on a case-by-case basis.  

Review and Feedback

Once submitted, the EcoFund will review your application. The review process may take up to three weeks, so be sure to plan accordingly. Once reviewed, the applicant will either receive one of three responses:

  • Ready for Funding: The application aligns strongly with the EcoFund mission. It is well-thought-out in regards to practicality, clearly communicating the goals of the project. The budget is accurate and reasonable, the timeline is plausible, and there are strong evidence and support for the proposal.
    • Next Step: Let’s plan a kickoff meeting!
  • Needs Work: The application aligns with the EcoFund mission. There are some questions regarding budget and/or timeline, and we want to review the project with the applicant prior to making a final decision.
    • Next Step: Let’s revisit the application together. There may be a list of questions sent to address concerns.
  • Does Not Fit: The application either loosely or does not align with the EcoFund mission. Regardless of the level of detail, the Eco Fund is not the appropriate funding source for this proposal.

Kickoff Meeting

If the application has been approved, a kickoff meeting will be scheduled with the applicant and an Office of Sustainability staff member along with any other necessary persons. The purpose of the meeting is to confirm a mutual understanding in regards to funding, project timeline and completion, communication expectations, and any maintenance.

Follow Up

A final report is asked to be submitted via the EcoFund Summit portal within 30 days of completion. It should include:

  • A case study of measurable impacts, as it benefits CC students and sustainability initiatives on-campus
  • Updated budget sheet indicating the actual amount of funding that was spent. If all funds were not spent, an Office of Sustainability staff member will work with the applicant or stakeholder to transfer funds back to the Eco Fund.
  • Picture or video of the in-progress or completed proposal. Each project will be highlighted on the Office of Sustainability website with a visual.

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Submit Application

More Information

Written Responses

You will be asked to elaborate on these three areas. 

  • Sustainability Alignment
    • Specify how the project aligns with on-campus sustainability initiatives, nurturing a sense of place, and/or creating an ethic of environmental sustainability? Additionally, specify how the subject matter of the proposal aligns with at least one or more of the UN SDGs? 
  • Campus Engagement 
    • Specify how the project demonstrates a significant engagement with the CC community and/or the broader CO Springs community? Does this project enrich the student experience at CC? Explain how students are either directly involved in the implementation or are indirectly engaged in the aftermath of the project. 
  • Project Benefits 
    • This doesn't necessarily have to be financial, but the proposal should identify co-benefits during or after the project (financial, social, curricular, etc.) that benefit the CC community. To what extent does this proposal deepen the educational impact for students, faculty, and/or staff on campus? 

Funding Guidelines & Budget Template

Please use the following template to itemize a list of anticipated costs. Explore and seek out cost quotes with the necessary parties prior to submitting an EcoFund application. 

Download Budget Template 

Funding Restrictions
The EcoFund does not fund the following: 

  • Funding for club membership, national affiliations, and/or state delegations 
  • After-the-fact spending, personal reimbursements, and/or repayments of debt 
  • Donations to organizations or entities on or off campus
  • Projects aimed at building retrofits or equipment upgrades 

All purchases and expenses must be approved by the EcoFund in the original proposal. Changes in funding must be approved and discussed with the EcoFund before they are made or expenses are incurred. 

Other Funding Sources

If you are seeking or have received additional funding, please note that project leader(s) will be responsible for coordinating between all funding sources to ensure that funding is secured and properly recorded.  

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Funded Projects

Bike To Work Day


Bike to Work Day 
Spring 2022

Project Overview
Bike to Work Day aligns with Colorado College’s aim to encourage alternative transportation methods. By encouraging alternative transportation methods, such as biking - we are fostering community between staff and faculty and encouraging people to see that biking is not only more sustainable — it can also be more enjoyable. 

SDG Alignment

Cormac McCrimmon '23, Charlie Lynch '23, Nicky Booth '24, & Henry Hodde '24
Office of Sustainability Transportation Team

Llamapalooza Reusable Cups


Llamapalooza Reusable Cups
Spring 2022

Project Overview
By offering reusable cups at Llama for at least 200 students, we could save up to 1,200 plastic cups from entering the bins at Llamapalooza. This is because each student can purchase 6 drinks throughout the festival... that's a lot of cups. If we have the ability to offer a reusable option, the only responsible choice is to do what we can to make that happen. Fewer one-use items being thrown out, the better.

SDG Alignment

Cass Kennemur '22
Campus Activities 

Hoop Houses & Native Seeds

hoop houses banner

Hoop Houses & Native Seeds 
Spring 2022

Project Overview
The CC Farm is an underutilized resource on this campus for helping students to develop a sense of place. We hope to encourage community building by planting species native to the area and showing CC members how mutually beneficial it can be to develop a relationship with the plants and land around them. Building hoop houses will extend our growing season. The native seeds and starts will allow us to begin building a seed bank that future farm members will be able to use and grow. The overall goal of this project is to build infrastructure on the farm using native plants that will be able to survive changes in CC Farm leadership. 

SDG Alignment

Eileen Miller '23, Hannah O' Leary '24, Dev Vyas '23, & Kai Matthiasson '24
CC Student Farm Club