Ditch the Dumpster

Ditch the Dumpster and Donate Instead!

The objective of this program is two-pronged: to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and to support local communities through our donations. Each year, as CC students graduate, study abroad, and move off campus, they often realize that they have accumulated more possessions than they need or can transport back home with them. Sadly, many of these items end up in landfills, even though they could have been recycled, composted, or donated.

For questions about Ditch the Dumpster, please email sustainability@coloradocollege.edu

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Ditch the Dumpster Winter Program Block 4
Friday, Dec. 15 @ Noon - Tuesday, Dec. 19

Start cleaning your 'stuff' out sooner! Check out all the resources below to help you get a jump start. 
TIP! Try creating specific piles when cleaning out your items, such as the ones below to properly dispose of them in the correct programs/spaces.


Accepted & Not Accepted Donation List

Items that are donated during Ditch the Dumpster will be re-circulated back to CC students and the Colorado Springs community. PLEASE review the following list of accepted items. 

We're all about quality here - if your items are ripped, stained, not working, growing mold, or are just in bad shape, consider giving them a second life BUT not through this donation program. Please be a responsible donor. Let's not forget, it's a team effort. Your student peers and staff are the ones behind the scenes, organizing and handling all the donations. No one wants that water bottle that is growing mold in it...

Accepted Items 
  • Gently Used or New Clothing (NO SOCKS & NO UNDERWEAR)
  • Gently Used Sheets, Towels, & Blankets (Not Stained or Ripped)
  • Hangers (Not Broken)
  • Pair(s) of Shoes (No Holes, Missing Laces, or 1 Shoe)
  • Books & Textbooks 
  • Cleaning Supplies @ 50% Full 
  • Unopened & Not Expired Food  
  • Arts & Crafts Items 
  • Houseplants
  • Outdoor Gear & Supplies 
  • Small Household/Dorm Items such as Desk Lamps, Fans, Mirrors, Laundry Hampers, etc. 
  • Larger Furniture (No Sofas) 
NOT Accepted Items 

Please DO NOT bring the following items to the collection sites. Items on this list will be thrown out.

  • No Socks 
  • No Underwear 
  • Stained &/or Ripped Clothing & Linens 
  • Pillows & Mattress Pads (Unless New)
  • Open & Expired Food 
  • Hazardous Items 
  • Rugs & Carpets 
  • No Sofas
  • Things We Don't Want (Some Examples)...
    • Bent Sticker 
    • Broken Mirror 
    • Single-Use Disposable Razor 
    • Index Cards with Writing On Them 
    • Opened Deodorant 
    • Your Used Facemask

Ditch the Dumpster Collection Site Locations

START EARLY! Donation bins will be available in B4 at the following collection locations: 

  • Loomis Lounge
  • Hybl Community Center

Collection locations can be accessed 24/7 to donate accepted items. Items will be accepted up until Tuesday, Dec. 15th at Noon. After the end of Ditch the Dumpster, it is the responsibility of the student to make donations of gently used, clean, and functional items directly to organizations that will accept them. Please refer to the 'Community Organizations' section below for more information. 

Please DO NOT leave items behind in your room, main gathering areas, or outside the following collection locations as this creates a large burden on the Office of Sustainability, Residential Experience Staff, Facilities Services, Sodexo, and others who have to clean up your mess.  

CC Pantry Exchange

Moving out a little early OR just looking to drop off smaller amounts of donations? Check out the CC Pantry Exchange (located in the Worner Basement) that can take your 'stuff' year-round.  

The CC Pantry is open once a week but there is also a food shelf right outside the door. Students can drop off a few unopened items on this shelf as often as they would like. This way, other students can grab an item in a pinch. You can also donate reusable grocery bags on this shelf! 

The CC Exchange donations are accepted only during open hours (Weeks 1-3, Thursdays from 2-4 p.m.) during the academic year. Please review the website for more information about items that are accepted into the CC Exchange. 


The Office of Sustainability in partnership with ITS runs the e-waste program

There are many options for recycling your e-waste on campus. If you have a small amount of e-waste to recycle, bring your e-waste to one of our three drop-off locations across campus.

The three locations are:

  • Lower level of Worner Campus Center
  • First floor of Tutt Library across the front welcome desk
  • Office of Sustainability (1004 N Weber St) next to Donald E. Autrey Field

Toner can be dropped off on the first floor of Tutt Library next to the ITS office or on the lower level of Worner. For hazardous material disposal, contact Facilities Services at (719) 389-6568. 


Ditch the Dumpster: Community Partnerships

More Information Coming Soon! 

Ditch the Dumpster: Beyond CC

Are you moving out early or have VERY specific things you want to donate/dispose of properly? There are many other ways to donate/properly dispose of items during move-out. Check out the following places in town that will take your items if you are cleaning 'stuff' out before or after Ditch the Dumpster: 

  • Medication Disposal - Safely dispose of expired prescription drugs and vitamins at these locations:
  • General Donations - Some suggested organizations in Colorado Springs that will take general donations. Please be sure to check out their accepted items: 
    • Arc Thrift Store
      • 1830 W Uintah St A, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (2.0 Miles Away)
    • Colorado Springs Rescue Mission
      • 1109 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (2.1 Miles Away)
    • Goodwill 
      • 2304 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (2.5 Miles Away) 

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