E-Waste Recycling

E-waste or electronic waste are products that are no longer working, unwanted, or at the end of their 'life'. While above the ground, modern electronics are safe to use. However, most electronics contain some forms of toxic materials that when discarded and buried at a landfill, they pose serious risks to our environment. 

With the definition of e-waste continuing to expand, due to being in an era of rapid technological advancement. It important that we do our part by being conscious of our consumption and recycling older models of e-waste. Therefore, CC is committed to responsibly recycling our e-waste at a local Colorado Springs facility, E-Tech Recyclers

E-Tech Recyclers focus on sustainable and responsible recovery of end-of-life electronics. They work to empower those in the community, such as business owners and organizations to take responsible, secure, and charitable approach to e-waste recycling. All electronics are properly recycled through vendors that are chosen specifically for their environmental, health, and safety standards. 

Recycling Batteries

Please note that our program does NOT accept alkaline batteries manufactured in the US, which include AA or AAA batteries or the most common household batteries, like Duracell and/or Energizer. This is because these alkaline batteries can be safely put in your household trash since they no longer contain mercury. For more information about battery recycling, please visit the EPA Household Battery page. 

We DO accept the following types of batteries: 
  • Button-cell or coin batteries
  • Lithium single-use batteries 
  • Any rechargeable batteries 

Automotive batteries should go to Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S). Please contact EH&S for those items at (719) 389-6568 or lscott@coloradocollege.edu.  

Accepted E-Waste

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E-Waste Recycling


If you have a small amount of e-waste to recycle, we encourage you to bring your e-waste to one of our three dropoff bins located across campus. These bins are used mainly to collect but are not limited to smaller electronics, batteries (see notes about batteries), and printer ink cartridges.

Locations Across Campus

  • Basement of Worner Campus Center across from the stairs
  • First floor of Tutt Library across the front welcome desk
  • First floor of the Office of Sustainability on Autrey Field
Toner can be dropped off on the first floor of Tutt Library next to the ITS office or on the lower level of Worner next to the dropoff bin. 

For hazardous material disposal, contact Facilities Services at (719) 389-6568. 

Drop Off Events

If you have larger items (that don't fit into the bin) or a large amount of e-waste, the Office of Sustainability (OOS) hosts four e-waste drop-off events throughout the year for the Colorado College community. The drop-off events take place during Blocks 2-4-6-8. Dates for the e-waste drop-off event and location will be posted in the OOS newsletter (sent to faculty, staff, and students) and on the Today@CC Digest. 

We highly recommend dropping off your e-waste during these events. If these don't work for you, please consider filling out an e-waste request form below. 

E-Waste Request Form

Please fill out the e-waste request form below if you meet any of the following criteria: 

  • You have a significant volume, heavy, and/or super bulky e-waste that you need assistance in moving to the collection site
  • You have a significant volume, heavy, and/or super bulky e-waste that you do not have a way to move to the collection site and need to arrange a pickup 
  • You couldn't make the drop-off event and it is time-sensitive, so you need to schedule a separate drop-off time at the collection site

> E-Waste Request Form <

 A representative from the OOS will be in touch within 5 business days about your request during the academic year. 

Personal E-Waste

We only take personal e-waste during our drop-off events hosted during the academic year. The drop-off events take place during Blocks 2-4-6-8. Dates for the e-waste drop-off event and location will be posted in the OOS newsletter (sent to faculty, staff, and students) and on the Today@CC Digest. 

For more time-sensitive e-waste recycling, consider reaching out directly to E-Tech Recyclers. They have residential rates for e-waste recycling that can be found on their Rates & Pricing webpage.