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    Public Interest Fellowship Program

    Developing the Next Generation of
    Nonprofit Leaders

    “At Colorado College, we value active participation in our community and state, and the PIFP is one wonderful way to show our commitment to that value. This program is a win-win! Our students gain valuable experience and mentoring, while local non-profits get bright, talented, and energetic young people who I expect will make real contributions to their organizations.”

    —Jill Tiefenthaler, President of Colorado College

    Why PIFP?

    Colorado nonprofits gain access to qualified and committed newcomers

    CC students gain impactful, real-world experience

    Applicants are evaluated first by alumni with nonprofit experience

    Fellows receive continuous training by CC alumni mentors

    The low-down.

    Summer Fellowships

    22 opportunities
    $500/40 hours worked (average $5000/summer)

    Yearlong Fellowships

    12 opportunities
    12-month full-time: $31,500 (+ benefits)

    Get me involved!





    A Different Kind of Payday: See how PIFP fellow Isabel Nicholson made a difference through her research on payday lending practices in Colorado during her fellowship at The Bell Policy Center.

    A Healthy Beat: Rapping about health insurance would be a tall task for anyone. But Zachary Stone, PIFP fellow with the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, created this rap video to convey an important message with style.

    PIFP, A Valuable CC & Colorado Partnership

    “Through the Public Interest Fellowship Program (PIFP), Colorado College offers current and graduating students paid, full-time fellowships with nonprofit partner organizations in the state of Colorado. PIFP fellows can expect to work for progressive organizations in cities with built-in cohorts of PIFP peers and CC alumni mentors. During their summer or yearlong fellowships, they’ll complete significant and meaningful projects that target systemic change in society. PIFP fellows are creative, dedicated, and represent the diversity of thought here at CC. It's a beautiful partnership that catalyzes professional growth in our students as they help organizations thrive from their efforts and successes.”

    --Cari Hanrahan, Director for PIFP and Nonprofit Initiatives


    Cari Hanrahan, Director
    Public Interest Fellowship Program and Nonprofit Initiatives