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Additional Previous Fellows

Access Opportunity, Boulder, CO

2020-2021 Fellow: Rebekah Latham (YL) 

ACLU of Colorado, Denver, CO 

2021-2022 Fellows: Andra Metcalfe (S), Kelly Yue (YL)
2020-2021 Fellows: Kelly Yue (S), Grace Gittell (YL) 

Atlas Preparatory School, Colorado Springs, CO 

2020-2021 Fellows: Star Goudriaan (S), Sanya Ramirez-Rodriguez (S) 

Bell Policy Center, Denver, CO

2021-2022 Fellow: Theodore (Teddy) Weiss (YL)
2020-2021 Fellow: Takudzwa Nhira (YL)

Catamount Institute, Colorado Springs, CO 

2021-2022 Fellows: Chris Tobin (S), Cameron Block (YL) 
2020-2021 Fellows: Maddi Schink (S), Cameron Block (S)

City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services, Colorado Springs, CO

2021-2022 Fellow: Owen Rask (S) 

Colorado Center on Law and Policy, Denver, CO

2020-2021 Fellow: Andra Metcalf (S) 

Colorado Children's Campaign, Denver, CO

2021-2022 Fellow: Lauren Hecht (YL)
2020-2021 Fellow: Jacqueline Nkhonjera (YL) 

Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, Denver, CO 

2021-2022 Fellows: Salena Prinzmetal (YL), Consumer Assistance Program; Hope Stonner (YL) , Health Policy Fellow
2020-2021 Fellow: Emerald Green (YL), Consumer Assistance Program 

Colorado League of Charter Schools, Denver, CO 

2021-2022 Fellow: Katherine Moynihan (S)
2020-2021 Fellow: Kat Grushow (S) 

Colorado Springs Food Rescue, Colorado Springs, CO

2020-2021 Fellow: Henry Fisher (S) 

Colorado Water Trust, Denver, CO

2020-2021 Fellow: Logan Houpt (S) 

Community Health Partnership, Colorado Springs, CO

2020-2021 Fellow: Tiffany McBride (S) 

Conservation Colorado, Denver, CO

2020-2021 Fellow: Britta Lam (YL) 

Denver Scholarship Foundation, Denver, CO 

2020-2021 Fellows: Stephanie Dewald (YL), Taylor O'Donnell (YL)
2021-2022 Fellows: Katie Dama (YL), Sally Hedderman (YL) 

Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and, The Greenway Fund, Colorado Springs, CO 

2021-2022 Fellow: Grace Evans (S) 
2020-2021 Fellow: Izzy Tils (S) 

Groundwork Denver, Denver, CO 

2020-2021 Fellow: Grace Tumavicus (S) 

Innovations in Aging Collaborative, Colorado Springs, CO

2020-2021 Fellow: Leo Brasuel (YL) 

Inside Out Youth Services, Colorado Springs, CO

2021-2022 Fellow: Daniel Lo (S)
2020-2021 Fellow: Ryan O'Meara (S) 

One Colorado Education Fund, Denver, CO

2021-2022 Fellow: Emma Logan (S)
2020-2021 Fellow: Devin Cata (S) 

Palmer Land Conservancy, Colorado Springs, CO

2021-2022 Fellow: Cormac McCrimmon (S) 
2020-2021 Fellows: Sam Cadigan (S), Maitland Robinson (S)

Parent Possible, Denver, CO 

2020-2021 Fellow: Danny Zamudio (S) 

Peak Education, Colorado Springs, CO

2020-2021 Fellow: Benedict Wright (YL) 

PEAK Parent Center, Colorado Springs, CO 

2020-2021 Fellow: Anna Marcus (S) 

Project VOYCE, Denver, CO

2021-2022 Fellow: Devin Salvador Cata (S) 
2020-2021 Fellow: Sierra Takushi (S) 

Towards Justice, Denver, CO

2020-2021 Fellow: Jessica Ramos (S) 

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