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"One of the reasons I decided to attend Colorado College was the PIFP program. The PIFP program speaks volumes to the College's values of integrity and social responsibility, and allows students to immerse themselves in those values. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in PIFP, and to learn for myself how much I'd love a career in public interest work."

-Elliot Mamet '14, Summer Fellow, ACLU of Colorado


Become a PIFP mentor

Remember when you graduated?

Your first job probably included difficult-to-navigate politics, exciting projects, and helpful critiques.
Were you able to ask advice from someone who had been there before? Are you interested in being that person for our Colorado College students? Fellows are paired with alumni mentors who provide guidance and counsel to Fellows throughout the term of their fellowships.

The PIFP prepares grads.

In addition to matching students with mentors, the PIFP supports fellows by facilitating the following workshops:
1. Navigating the Workplace as a Recent Graduate
2. Social Impact and the Nonprofit Sector
3. Maximize Your Post-Grad Salary
4. Failing Forward
5. What's Next?
6. Networking

Support our students: Mentor.

We'd love your support and guidance for our Fellows.

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Meet our 2019 - 2020 Colorado College Alumni Mentors

Deborah Adams (1974)

Retired attorney, community volunteer,

CC Experience in a nutshell: I was a counselor for freshmen my sophomore year, played on the CC tennis team for a year, participated in the Urban Studies Program in Chicago, and volunteered most of my senior year with Pikes Peak Legal Services. I was a political science major.

Workplace advice: Connections can be very helpful in developing a career plan. My volunteer work for Pikes Peak Legal Services my senior year facilitated my admission to CU law school and subsequent employment with Legal Services of Indiana, Pikes Peak Legal Services and the Colorado Springs Public Defender Office.

Balin Anderson (2006) She, her, hers

Social Worker in independent psychotherapy practice,

CC Experience in a nutshell: I studied Comp Lit, Women's Studies, and Spanish. Was active in student organizations and sought out leadership opportunities. Loved the block plan's immersive quality. Met amazing friends and people who are doing great things out in the world.

Workplace advice: Be willing to work hard, learn, and grow.

Lauren Bogard (2007) She, her, hers

Director of Campaigns & Special Projects,

CC Experience in a nutshell: It was fantastic! I made lifelong friends, and I met the challenges of the rigorous academic environment through hard work and utilizing any and all necessary campus resources, including the Writing Center, my FYE mentor, the Career Center and professors.

Workplace advice: There is no substitute for hard work

Jaime Brown Thompson (1999) She, her, hers

Program Officer - Colorado Springs Health Foundation,

Jason Callegari (2007) He, him, his

Program Officer - Buell Foundation,

Workplace advice: Listen often and volunteer when opportunities present themselves

Scott Campbell (1991)

Owner, ICS Consulting,

CC Experience in a nutshell: It was formative, creative, inspiring. It gave me a basis for complex systems-change and social-change projects that don't always have a road map for how to get from point A to point B...the kind of large initiatives that are equal parts art, science, and technical experience.

Workplace advice: Our job in the workplace is to be of maximum service, grow in understanding and effectiveness, and recognize that both of these attributes require a degree of humility. Simultaneously, doing what you want--what energizes and inspires you--is what often enables you to be of maximum service. Keep these things in mind as you seek out opportunities.

Lynda Duran (2008) She, her, ella

Associate Director of Student Life at CU Denver,

CC Experience in a nutshell: I completed a psychology major and spanish minor in 2008. While at CC, I worked in Tutt Library, connected with the 1st Generation Student Group, and studied abroad in Spain in the summer of 2007. I also served a a summer fellow in PIFP with a non-profit program called Butterfly Hope in Denver.

Workplace advice: Prepare for your first day by drafting some questions you have about your role with the organization, and how your work might intentionally connect with some of your short and long term career goals. This will help ensure that the organization has a tangible sense of how to make your experience meaningful.

Rowan Frederiksen (2018) She, her, hers

Development Coordinator,

CC Experience in a nutshell:

Workplace advice: I have found that it is so important and so necessary to be flexible and open to change. Have a "go with the flow" attitude, especially in the non-profit world.

Leah Fugere (2012) She, her, hers

CU Boulder graduate law student,

Alan Gottlieb (1979) He, him, his

Self-employed writer and communications consultant. Journalist for much of my career,

CC Experience in a nutshell: Totally humanities focused. English major, studied philosophy and Spanish as well. Did a lot of writing, creative and journalism. Alas, there wasn't a journalism program back then.

Workplace advice: Take a deep breath,. Ask questions and listen a lot.

Spencer Green (2012) They, them, theirs

Graduate Assistant, CU Denver Dept. of Philosophy,

CC Experience in a nutshell: CC gave me the tools to be quick, adaptable, and to find opportunities to use my degree knowledge in new ways. While at CC, I worked to augment my rural K-12 education and discovered a love for critical theory. I worked with theatre workshop and the music department and am happy to have had the opportunity to be a PIFP fellow for four summers. I encountered challenges to my academic and personal success through a process of learning how to access campus and external resources, I was able to graduate and eventually thrive.

Workplace advice: Be intentional about your work; for me this means both paying attention to the quality of what you're working on as well as how you are being in the world. In my experience, doing good work and staying healthy is easier when I'm aware of my greater environment.

Aubrey Hasvold (2014) She, her, hers

Advocacy Program Manager at Colorado Coalition for the Homeless,

CC Experience in a nutshell: I absolutely loved CC. I was a Sociology major and Spanish minor and was involved in Greek Life.

Workplace advice: Advocate for yourself! Don't wait for someone to call on you or assign you a task.

Nancy Hernandez (1996) She or her o Tu o Usted

Equity Specialist Coordinator (aka Equity Consultant),

CC Experience in a nutshell: Brutal first 2 years, somewhat better last 2 years with periods of shock, awe and outrage in between.

Workplace advice: Find an after-work cause where you can rock the boat because rocking the boat at work is dangerous. Don't put your employer's name on your social media (trust me).

Lani Hinkle (1983) She, her, hers

Former PIFP director/current business owner,

CC Experience in a nutshell: I had a wonderful experience. Some of my lifelong and closest friends were made at CC. I was a Biology-turned-English major (at the last possible moment!). I wish PIFP had been around back then--I would have participated!

Workplace advice: Ask questions and don't pretend you know more than you do. You have a lot of great and fresh ideas to bring to the workplace--that's a big value in itself to your organization.

Mindy Klowden (1994) She, her, hers

Director, National Council for Behavioral Health,

CC Experience in a nutshell: I thrived in the CC learning environment and engaged in many extra curricular activities, particularly community service. I credit CC for refining my critical thinking skills, and making me a strong writer and public speaker. These are skills I use in my career every day.

Workplace advice: Make sure you take care of yourself and maintain balance. Take your work seriously and give it your all, but don't forget to sleep, exercise, and spend time with friends or loved ones!

Laurie Laker (2012) He, him, his

Writer & Social Media Lead, Office of Communications,

CC Experience in a nutshell: When reflecting on my CC undergraduate experience, I am torn. On one hand, I made some lifelong and dear, dear friends, had a wonderful academic experience, and gained a huge number of skills and experiences. On the other, I felt socially isolated quite often, and never fully fit the idea of what a "typical" CC student should've been in my time there. Overall, it's a positive reflection, but there are plenty of caveats in there as well.

Workplace advice: Ask your manager/supervisor what they actually need from you, rather than what they want.

Christen Lara (2008) She, her, hers

Public Health Informatics Branch Manager at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment,

CC Experience in a nutshell: Majored in Anthropology and Economics; participated in PIFP

Workplace advice: Be the change you want go see in the world

Paul Lhevine (1990)

CEO - Swallow Hill,

CC Experience in a nutshell: Political economy; student government; rock climbing and skiing with a extra big helping of philosophy and folk music - it was perfect

Workplace advice: Sharpen your networking skills and meet as many people as possible - never eat alone.

Matthew Lopez (2014)

Director of Talent - Atlas Preparatory School,

Rachael Maxwell (2018) She, her, hers

Executive Administrator at Exponential Impact,

CC Experience in a nutshell: At CC, I majored in history/political science. I was a member of the Women's Ultimate Frisbee team, Lysistrata Tools, for all four years. I was also the department assistant for Theatre and Dance, and I loved being in the arts and crafts studio during my free time.

Workplace advice: As you enter the workplace, focus on your soft skills (professionalism, work ethic, organization...). I found that my supervisors and coworkers really value those skills.

Caroline Olin (2018) She, her, hers

Tia Phillip (2018) She, her, hers

I am currently the DSST Communications Fellow.,

CC Experience in a nutshell: My experience at CC was a mixed bag, honestly, but the people I found in my corner and the spaces I was able to create for myself made the experience worthwhile. I will remember CC as the backdrop to where I found my voice, where I realized my life's mission, and where I became inspired to fight.

Workplace advice: Particularly for new graduates of color: Be empowered to believe in yourself. Many professional spaces do not look highly upon new graduates, as they can be perceived as flighty, inconsistent, immature, and naive (some of which could be true), but don't let the "professional world" dictate how you see yourself. You graduated from the Block Plan, which automatically makes you a badass. For graduates with less melanin, your activism work toward equity and justice in college mean a lot more entering into the "Real World." Continue to fight with (not for) the marginalized and be an ally in your workplace.

To every graduate: use whatever privileges and advantages you now have as a graduate from an elite, liberal arts institution, to challenge the systems that put you and/or your peers in seemingly insurmountable debt.

Nina Roumell (2013) She, her, hers

Development and Communications Officer at The GrowHaus,

CC Experience in a nutshell: Fun-loving and hard working. I was a neuroscience major, captain of the Women's Track team, and loved exploring Colorado over block breaks.

Workplace advice: Spend more time thinking about solutions rather than problems.

Mark Scaggs (2018) He, him, his

I am currently the outgoing paraprofessional for the sociology department! Next journey TBD!,

CC Experience in a nutshell: Colorado College has given me both the mentorship and the opportunities to allow me to figure out what it means for me to be a leader and a creator. I came into college knowing I wanted to make the world a better place, but having no idea how. Here, I found the voice to not only speak up more in the classroom, but also to push myself into new environments in a way that has completely changed the course of my life going forward. Rastall is pretty good too!

Workplace advice: Take your co-workers out to coffee! With my first PIFP job, I found myself surrounded by lawyers, social workers, grad students--paths I could all see myself walking in the near future. In taking the time to learn more about a co-worker's personal narrative, you 1) get to flex those active listening skills we severely underrate, 2) foster relationships that make the job transition much easier, and 3) let people who have been there before guide you on how you want to pursue your personal/professional life! Especially right out of college, I cannot think of a more valuable thing to do.

Brittney Stroh (2010) She, her, hers

Executive Director,

CC Experience in a nutshell: I was a Psychology major, Spanish minor. I worked at the library all four years, as well as in the Center for Service and Learning during the summer. I also ran track and field and participated on the diving team.

Workplace advice: Learn the process before trying to change the process. When you are new, it's easy to want to implement your own ideas or "fix things." But it's best to learn why things are they way they are first and then work to make incremental changes or improvements. It will be better received, more thought out and likely more successful.

Monica Weindling (2017) She, her, hers

Research Associate at BSCS Science Learning,

CC Experience in a nutshell: My time at CC was a lot of fun and fairly eye-opening. It was the first time that I was really challenged to evaluate my own privilege and the privilege (or lack thereof) of my peers and think critically about my role in society. I give a lot of thanks to my professors for making the choice to educate me and my classmates not just on the given topic at hand (psychology for many of them), but how it intersected with important issues in today's society. My time at CC also made me value community membership and how important it is to feel like you belong with a group. I was fortunate enough to find this community in multiple places at CC, but most pronounced on the women's club ultimate team (Lysistrata's Tools).

Workplace advice: Don't be afraid to make mistakes or ask for help. If you have a good supervisor, they will see this as your willingness to learn and grow and will help you along in that process.

Charis Whitnah (2013) She, her, hers

Senior Manager of Students Services at Rocky Mountain Prep,

CC Experience in a nutshell: Loved CC!!! I was a philosophy major and psychoanalysis and english minor. Outside of class work, I was involved in student government, athletics (track and XC), volunteering (Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind), and greek life (Delta Gamma). I was a PIFP summer fellow at TESSA.

Workplace advice: Practice daily something that rejuvenates you at work (mid day mediation, walk, coffee with co-worker, etc...)

Steve Wood (1984)

Executive Director - Concrete Couch,

Angela Hines (1982)

Human Resources Manager - City of Colorado Springs

Jason Callegari (2007)

Program Officer - Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation

Megan Helseth (2011)

Owner, Emerson Street Creative, LLC

Nina Roumell (2013)

Development and Communications Officer - The GrowHaus

Andrew Streight (2012)

Associate for Strategic Consulting Corona Insights

Debbie Swanson (1981)

Fund Development Manager - Pikes Peak Region Girl Scouts of Colorado

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support.


Andrea Culp
PIFP Director
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