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Become a Partner Organization

Audrey Wheeler at Cons CO

Audrey Wheeler '15 (center), PIFP fellow at Conservation Colorado, celebrates with Conservation Colorado's communications team  at the Governor's mansion after a bill signing for the legalization of rain barrels in Colorado.

Partnering to Build a New Generation of Social Sector Leaders

In pursuit of long-term partnerships, Colorado College's Public Interest Fellowship Program encourages participation from nonprofit public interest organizations that:

  • Address a significant social issue or issues
  • Focus on systemic change within society (rather than on treating the symptoms of societal issues)
  • Are innovative and effective in how they apply their mission
  • Can provide meaningful projects and learning opportunities for a fellow
  • Will utilize the skills of their fellow in a way that builds capacity for their organization

How the Partnership Works

For the 2019-20 program cycle, prospective partner organizations apply to the program by November 1, 2018 (links to timeline and  application forms at left), providing key information about their organization, including a detailed job description for the fellowship.

Once chosen as a PIFP Partner (late November 2018), organizations gain access to highly competent, committed, and energetic candidates who have studied on Colorado College’s unique Block Plan, which teaches students to explore and analyze subjects intensively, while working in teams with faculty and students to provide answers and solutions on short deadlines.

Each PIFP candidate is interviewed by the program to ensure a good fit for a fellowship position before he or she is recommended to an organization. Organizations are forwarded three or four pre-qualified candidates, which they interview before making the final choice of their fellow.

Summer Fellowships are 10 weeks in length (typically beginning in late May or early June). Partner organizations pay the Summer Fellow $4500.

Yearlong Fellowships are 12 months in length (typically beginning in June). Partner organizations pay the Yearlong Fellow $31,500, plus cover health insurance.

Organizations may apply for capacity grants from PIFP to offset the cost of hosting yearlong fellows. Please see the partner organization application form for more information.


Important forms and documents


"The PIFP fellows are bright, talented, and committed to performing high-quality work. They bring a well-rounded educational background and superior writing, analysis, and communications skills to the fellowship. They are dedicated to the work of our organization and excited to be working on public policy issues."
Rich Jones
Director of Policy and Research
The Bell Policy Center


Lani Hinkle, Director
Public Interest Fellowship Program