Fall Move-In

Welcome to your CC Home! We highly encourage you to refer to this website while you're getting settled. To help make your transition to college life as smooth as possible, move-information will be posted here regularly. Do not forget to check your CC email account frequently, so you do not miss any important emails/deadlines!

New Student Move-In will occur on Monday, August 19, 2024 for NSO.

Returning Student Move-In will begin on Friday August 23, 2024 and continue through the weekend. 



It is always a good idea to plan what you're bringing to campus with you. Good news! We've created a packing list for you! Be sure to check out the full list of items not allowed on campus in the pathfinder. 


New Student Move-In Instructions

Your first stop upon arrival to campus will be the Orientation Check-In Tent on Tava Quad. Check in will begin at 7:45 AM, where students will pick up their NSO information, CC ID/Gold Card, and verifying immunization paperwork. Once you have your name badge, off to step 2! 

Please more information look at NSO website 

After completing your check-in process, you will exit the Worner Center and proceed to your area's designated unloading zone. A Campus Map can be found here. 

Loomis Hall

Entrances: Accessible entrance on south side with PAD
Elevator: 24-hour card access to all floors
Restrooms: Accessible men's and women's on first floor
All-Gender Restrooms: Two accessible in lobby; also accessible on ground, first, second, and third floors in north wings
Water Fountains: Near first floor restrooms

Mathias Hall

Entrances: North side from Uintah (no curb cuts); accessible entrance on south side from parking
Elevator: 24-hour card access to all floors
Restrooms: Accessible men's and women's on first floor
All-Gender Restrooms: Accessible in core, near elevator; also accessible on all floors in west and east wings
Water Fountains: Near first floor men's restroom

South Hall

Entrances: Accessible entrance from south side through South Courtyard; accessible entrance to South Commons on north side of west wing; north side from campus quad
Elevator: 24-hour card access to all floors
All-Gender Restrooms: Accessible on first floor main lobby and all wings of building
Water Fountains: All floors near elevator
ALDs: South Commons
Note: South Commons located on first floor, west wing

After unloading items, please move your vehicles away from the unloading zones to create more space for other residents to unload. Please make sure to follow campus signs or refer to our campus map

After moving your vehicle, you should finish unpacking and settle in! This will be your home and start of your college journey - make it cozy and personal! 
As you wrap up setting up your space, please refer to the NSO Schedule, as this will be the next thing you go to! 

Please only bring the individuals necessary to support your move-in. Our campus is face-covering friendly.

Please only have guests enter your assigned building, room, and dining facilities while accompanied by you (the resident assigned to the space) 

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Returning Student Move-In

Returning students will be able to move in starting on Friday, August 23rd, 2024 at 8:00 AM through the weekend. You will need to bring your CCID to move through the check-in process.You are able to check-in at one of the Big Three front desk:

Mathias: East Campus 

Loomis: Old Town, Western Ridge, and Language Houses 


After completing your check-in process, you are able to start moving in!


When can I move in? 

First Year and New Transfer students can move in Monday, August 19, 2024. Doors will open at 8:00 AM. 

Can I move in early? 

Only under specific circumstances. You will apply for this through the Housing Portal.  

What should I pack to bring to campus?

Here is our suggested item! Please note, this is not comprehensive for you, and you may not need everything on this list. 

What does my room look like?

Our Traditional Halls, also called the "Big Three", are large residences that provide a community-style living that will be home to all incoming First-Year students. You can review floor plans below:

Loomis Hall | Mathias Hall  | South Hall

I want to change my room. How can I submit a room change request? 

Room changes do not occur during the first two weeks of the semester as the Residential Experience enacts a Room Freeze while we work to accommodate students on our wait list and get everyone settled.

Residents that are interested in a room change will begin the process with their Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) after the Room Freeze. 

How can I see who my roommate is?

You can view your roommate(s) or by logging back into the housing portal. Click "Student Login" and select the 2024 Fall Application. From here, you will be directed to "application review" section where you'll be able to view your roommate(s)' name, answer to profile questions, and the ability to send the a message! 

How does mail work?

Please visit Mail Services, as they will have the most up to date information! 

Can I change the meal plan I selected?

 All first year students, living in the "Big 3" are on the full meal plan. 

Do I need transportation as an on-campus resident?

Parking on the Colorado College campus is limited and in great demand. While the College does all it can to provide adequate parking, being a residential campus in the downtown community often make parking a challenge. Parking is a scarce resource and there is not enough parking for is limited to on-campus residential parking for second, third, and fourth-year students, staff, and faculty.

Colorado College is committed to providing our community with transportation options that are safe, healthy, and accessible. Please visit our, Bike Resource Map and Campus Initiatives

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More Questions?

Email us at housing@coloradocollege.edu 

Follow us on Instagram @ccresidentialexperience 

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