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    Meal Plan

    Meal Plan Options for 2020-21 Academic Year:

    Full Meal Plan - mandatory for students living in traditional halls, small houses and language houses.

    Apartment Meal Plan - mandatory for students living in student apartments, east campus apartments and fraternities.

    Synergy House and cottage housing do not require a meal plan.

    The full meal plan allows students $2,350 dollars per semester and $4,700 dollars for the year to spend at any of the on-campus dining venues. Students are required to budget and spend all the allocated dollars loaded to their meal plan for the year.  We also encourage students to use all their meal plan dollars for each semester.  If a student has unused meal plan dollars from the fall semester those dollars will roll to the spring semester unless the student is not enrolled in the spring semester.  Meal plan dollars that are not used by the end of the year are not refundable and will be lost.  To calculate meal plan funds by block, divide $2,350 by four blocks to see how much you can spend for one block (3 1/2 weeks).

    The full meal plan has a $700 infrastructure fee that is charged along with the meal plan dollars to each students account and due with the tuition and fees owed for the semester.

    The apartment meal plan allows students living in apartments the flexibility to utilize the on campus venues vs. cooking at their residence each day.  The plan offers the student $455 per semester with no infrastructure fee.  

    • Please note:  If a student does not return for the spring semester for any reason after attending the fall semester and has meal plan money that remains unused there will be no refunds issued on the unused meal plan dollars.  
    • All meal plan dollars expire at the end of the spring semester.  No exceptions.
    • Students studying abroad for an entire block may receive a deduction equivalent to the amount of one block of their meal plan. A refund is issued directly to the student to use toward their study abroad trip expenses.  If the full one block amount is not available when the refund is issued, the student will only receive what remains on the plan.  

    Want to learn more about the Meal Plan? Visit the Meal Plan FAQ.


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