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Meal Plan

Please click on meal plan desired.

Plan A

$2566 Tiger Bucks per semester
Cost: $2941 per semester

Plan B

$2348 Tiger Bucks per semester
Cost: $2723 per semester

Plan C

$2116 Tiger Bucks per semester
Cost: $2491 per semester

Apartment Meal Plan

$392 Tiger Bucks per semester
Cost $392 each per semester

  • Unused Tiger Bucks from the Fall Semester roll over to the Spring Semester.
  • All Tiger Bucks expire at the end of the Spring Semester.
  • Meal plans can only be changed one time each semester.  All changes must be made no later than the second week of each semester.
  • An Infrastructure support fee is added to meal plan A, B and C. This amount is included in the cost amount noted above and charged to the student account which will be paid with your tuition and housing costs for the semester.
  • Students studying abroad for the entire block may receive a "one block" amount reduction to their Tiger Bucks. A refund is issued directly to the student to use toward their abroad trip expenses.  This adjustment is based on the Tiger Buck amount and the amount the student has available at the time the adjustment occurs.
  • Students taking blocks off for other reasons may or may not receive a meal plan adjustment.  Please discuss with the Dean of Students office.

Want to learn more about the Meal Plan - visit the Meal Plan FAQ.