Before Your Departure


Now that you've been admitted to CC, learn how to obtain your visa, plan your travel to the U.S., and get further resources to help get you settled to life at Colorado College. Follow the steps below:

1. Get your I-20 or DS-2019 from Colorado College

The I-20/DS-2019 can only be issued after you are admitted to CC. Make sure that all the information on your I-20/DS-2019 is accurate. For example, your name should match what is listed on your passport. If you notice an error, contact ISSS immediately. Sign your document on page 1 in blue ink.

2. Pay the SEVIS I-901 fee

Once you have your I-20 or DS-2019 form, you must pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee.

The Department of Homeland Security has a tutorial to help you: SEVIS I-901 fee payment tutorial

Pay your SEVIS fee at least 3 days before your visa interview.

Print 2 copies of your SEVIS I-901 fee payment receipt. You will need one for your visa application, and you should keep the other one for your personal immigration files.

3. Apply for your non-immigrant student visa

Check the full requirements at your U.S. Embassy/Consulate where you will apply. Get started as soon as possible. Visa processing can take a long time, so plan ahead. You are eligible to apply for a visa up to 365 days before the Program start date listed on your I-20/DS-2019 form.

If you have an I-20 form, you will apply for an F-1 visa. Students with a DS-2019 must apply for the J-1 visa.

Read these 10 points as you prepare for your visa interview.

Are you a current F-1 student in the U.S. who is transferring to Colorado College from a U.S. high school or other University in the U.S.?

  • You are not required to depart the U.S. between schools
  • If you do travel outside the U.S., you must re-enter the U.S. with a valid passport, valid F-1 visa, CC "transfer pending" I-20 form (not the old school's I-20 form), and proof of admission to CC
  • It is o.k. if the F-1 visa school name does not match your new I-20 form
  • You will not need to re-pay a SEVIS fee as long as your SEVIS ID# remains the same

4. Read through the information provided in our Pre-Arrival Guide

We have designed the Pre-Arrival Guide to help you obtain your student visa and prepare you for your arrival in the United States, in Colorado Springs, CO, and at Colorado College. Read the handbook thoroughly and be sure to let you know if you have any questions.

5. Review CC Bound on a regular basis

The CC Bound website is an online orientation website that holds most of the information needed for you to begin your life at CC, including information on the New Student Orientation (NSO). Access information will be sent to you via email during the summer. You should review the information on "CC Bound" on a regular basis prior to your arrival on campus. There are several forms that will require your prompt attention and reply. Please read everything carefully and return all forms to the specified office(s) by the due dates. Deadlines are listed and you will be able to return most of the forms electronically. Information will include:

  • Information on how to select and register for classes (degree seeking students only)
  • Immunization forms
  • Student health insurance information
  • Housing information and forms
  • Details on the meal plan and bookstore
  • Student account information

6. Make travel plans

International students are expected to arrive at CC on the scheduled arrival date for their international student orientation program. Click here for all arrival options on getting to Colorado Springs. If you wish to travel within the United States before the start of classes, you may do so on your student or exchange visitor visa. You may enter as early as 30 days before the start date listed on your Form I-20/Form DS-2019. DO NOT enter the United States on a tourist visa (B-2) or under the Visa Waiver Program. These visas are not acceptable for the purpose of full-time study in the United States.

*PLEASE NOTE* - If you plan to arrive before the official arrival date for your program, you will need to make your own local housing arrangements as this day is the earliest you can move into your dorm room. Information about local hotels and motels can be found here.



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