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The CCE's work is built on a shared set of values that infuse our practice and inform our perspective. At its core, our strategic planning process sought to determine how we can best embody and realize these fundamental commitments. Below are the values that form the foundation of our strategic plan and future work.

  1. Citizenship - We work to cultivate a sense of shared responsibility for addressing collective problems and realizing collective visions, recognizing that we each have a stake in one another's futures.
  2. Place-Based - We seek to root students' knowledge and community-engaged experiences in the communities, environments, and contexts that we inhabit.
  3. Just - We commit to equitable and inclusive practices in our work that embody the diverse, democratic societies we aspire to build.
  4. Co-Creative - We use a co-creative political approach to build partnerships with communities impacted by the issues on which we work - sharing voice, power, decision-making, and meaning-making in every phase.
  5. Relational - We build and strengthen communities by centering relationship building rooted in a framework of trust, authenticity, and honesty.
  6. Collective Impact - We believe that collective action of diverse stakeholders is the most sustainable, democratic, and impactful form of engagement.
  7. Asset-Based - We believe all stakeholders in campus/community partnerships bring assets and strengths to bear on shared goals, and we honor knowledge, know-how, and perspectives both in and outside of academia.
  8. Intentional - We cultivate informed, purposeful community engagement in which all people understand the assumptions and consequences of their actions.
  9. Holistic - We engage with students as whole people to impact their intellectual, personal, and moral development, cultivating life-long commitments and actions.

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