The Global Scholars Program

Dates for the Global Scholars Program (GSP) in 2023 will be announced at a future date.


The Global Scholars Program, or GSP, is designed to provide students with the opportunity to adjust to U.S. classroom culture in a higher education context, as well as gain a valuable introduction to the intense academic pace of the college's Block Plan. Additionally, the GSP helps multilingual students strengthen their fluency with academic English through auxiliary practice with written and spoken skills, and the availability of additional academic support. The GSP will not only prepare students to succeed academically at CC, but will also allow them to become familiar with CC's campus, the community of Colorado Springs, and surrounding areas in Colorado.

The coursework in this Global Scholars Program will focus on an introduction to the study of the liberal arts as well as on the academic and linguistic skills necessary to do well on the Block Plan. As a student at a liberal arts college, you will be challenged to engage your intellect as a careful reader, active listener, critical thinker, and analytical writer. The Global Scholars Program helps you sharpen these tools while developing collaborative relationships with faculty, staff, and other students.

Throughout the program, student mentors will share their experiences with you and teach you about CC as only other students can. These connections with your mentors and other students are so important, that we require students to live on-campus in a CC residential hall while attending the GSP.

In addition to your academic work, you will have time to take advantage of leisure activities. Afternoon or weekend activities and field trips will be planned to help you enjoy the Colorado College campus and Colorado Springs.

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