CC Educator Interest Form

Are you a CC faculty or staff member interested in connecting with community partners, needs, and resources?  Are you interested in transitioning a course to community-engaged learning?  Are you interested in community-engaged research methodologies for your scholarly pursuits?  If so, you've landed on the right page!

You're invited to participate in the Publicly Engaged, Actionable Knowledge (PEAK) Project!  This project seeks to bridge campus knowledge and community impact through connecting CC educators, students, and partners to co-create engaged courses and research projects. Read more about the PEAK project here.

Please use the forms below to share core information about the courses and/or research projects around which you'd like to connect with community partners.

Deadlines and Timelines

Community-Engaged Learning Courses

Timeline table for Peak Project partnerships
Spring Course PEAK PROJECT CYCLE Fall Course
Blocks A-1 Faculty and Staff Educators Call for Interest.  Interest Forms are due by the end of the block break. Blocks 5-7
Blocks 2-3 Community Partner Call for Interest.   Blocks 8-A
Block 3

End of week 2: Partner Interest Forms due.

End of block: CCE staff will reach out to share up to three community partners who have expressed interest in working with your course.  If no partners aligned with the course, we'll discuss whether you'd like to share your course in the spring Call for Interest.

Block A

Block 4

Week 1: All "matched" partners and instructors gather for a brief orientation to community-engaged learning, with guidance on how to approach the "meeting of the minds" including questions to discuss together, and best practices of course design.

Mid-block: Exploratory meetings aimed at discussing possibilities for class projects, and faculty and partners deciding whether it's a good fit.

End of block: Instructors and partners decide if they will partner for the course, and share decisions with the CCE.

Block B

Educator Interest Form

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