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2020-2021 Engagement

The 2020-2021 academic year was unlike any we've seen before.  With the disruption caused by the pandemic, our communities had to find new ways to engage safely and effectively.  Rather than focusing on the quantitative numbers that we have provided in past years, this year we present an overview, and focus on the qualitative side of the work that was done.

We hope you enjoy the videos and information below.  Also, don't forget to check out the work done by the recipients of this year's award recipients!

First, Director Jordan Radke presents an update on our work through the pandemic:



And this great video by Bridget Galaty '21 highlights the great work that was being done during the year:


We extend our gratitude to everyone who came together this year to help those in need. Through all of the trouble, turmoil, and grief, it is our hope that we come through this stronger and more resilient.


  • 31 Active Bonner Fellows
  • 8 Active Community Engaged Leaders
  • 94 Active Community Engaged Scholars
  • 15 Active Co-op student leaders (3 Co-Directors, 3 Assistant Directors, 9 Issue Organizers)

Programming, Initiatives, and Coursework

  • 17 Changemaker Workshops with 60 different student participants
  • 35 BreakOut Activities with over 110 different student participants
  • 21 Week of Action activities with over 130 participants (mostly students)
  • 9 Issue-Based Panels drawing over 110 participants (mostly students)
  • 2 Matched PEAK Inquiry Projects
  • 9 Active Student Organizations
  • 2 Adjunct Courses ("Intro to Community Engagement" and "Organizing for Social Change")
  • 1 Half-Block Course (“Beyond the Vote”)
  • 1 Community-Based Research Course Development Faculty Cohort


Quotes from Students


“The coronavirus pandemic has pushed me to expand my understanding of community engagement, engage with new groups and issues, and become more and more passionate and active in the processes of learning and educating myself so that I can be a more valuable ally and have a better understanding of the world and its issues.”  

“The pandemic has played a significant role in my reflection, since I am less likely to keep doing and doing and not reflecting nearly enough for long lasting impact. I have had time to reckon with already established community engagement and grassroots systems and reflect on my own privileges despite being from a lower income country. My time at home, which would certainly not have happened without the pandemic, has been significant in allowing me to understand the advocacy and community engagement work surrounding my own interests.”

“For me, this pandemic has taught me to focus on mental health and how even contributing in small ways can make a difference for the community around you.” 

“Reflecting back, the COVID-19 pandemic was an opportunity for me to find new ways to engage with the community. Issues like mental health struggles or accessibility were brought to light by the current times, and I was able to find opportunities to do my individual part to help address them. While I wan’t able to be to engage with the people I was serving in person, I still found ways to connect with them. The current times taught me how innovation and adaptation are critical for properly addressing the shifting needs of the community.”

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