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Board of Trustees

February 2016 Trustee Update

The Board of Trustees was on campus this past weekend for their regular February meeting. The trustees began their meeting with dinner at the Fine Arts Center, which included tours of the facility and an introduction to special guest Myrlie Evers-Williams.

The board approved several items during its Saturday business meeting, including:

  • Tuition and fees for the 2016-17 academic year were set at $50,892. For those living on campus, the comprehensive fee will be $62,560, with a standard double room rate of $6,902 and the meal plan C rate of $4,766.
  • Tenure and promotion to full professor for Jim Parco, Economics and Business, and tenure and promotion to associate professor for Andrea Bruder, Mathematics and Computer Science; Daniel Arroyo-Rodriguez, Spanish and Portuguese; Carrie Ruiz, Spanish and Portuguese; Darrell Killian, Molecular Biology; and Ryan Platt, Theater and Dance.
  • The election of new charter trustees Elizabeth Pohle ’85 and Jennifer Love Meyer ’88 (term to commence in 2017-2018).
  • Life trustee designation for William Campbell ’67 and Jane Rawlings ’70.
  • The approval of the student trustee elected by the student body.
  • The approval of a bylaw change that incorporates the Life Trustee Criteria.
  • The continued discussions between the Colorado College Board of Trustees and the Fine Arts Center Board of Trustees directed toward a new partnership.

In addition to reports from Dean Wong and President Tiefenthaler, the board heard reports from Lori Driscoll, chair of the Faculty Executive Committee, and CCSGA President Jake Walden.

On Friday, the board’s three Strategic Project Teams and four Standing Committees met.   

Strategic Project Team Agendas:

Campaign Planning – Trustees discussed the campaign timeline and volunteer structure.

Library Planning – Trustees reviewed construction documents and also the library transition plan.

Campus Master Plan/Communications Master Plan – Trustees heard about the success of the launch of the Communications Master Plan roll-out, and enjoyed the roll-out video.  They also discussed the process for amendments to the Campus Master Plan.

Standing Committee Agendas:

Buildings, Grounds, & Infrastructure – Trustees received reports on campus carbon reduction efforts and IT network improvements. They also heard a presentation on the East Campus housing design by architects MASS Design Group and Hanbury, Evans, Wright, Vlattas + Company.

Investment – Trustees reviewed the current portfolio with J.W. Bristol, and Monticello Associates gave an update on the quarterly market review.

Governance –Trustees recommended approval of the new charter trustees and life trustees. They also received nominations for student trustee.

Budget & Finance – Trustees discussed and recommended approval of the 2016-17 comprehensive fee and budget. The Audit subcommittee heard from the auditors and met KRCC director, Tammy Telwerp.

The trustees remain very pleased with our progress. Their next meeting is a retreat in June, but many board members look forward to joining us for Commencement festivities.

Eben S. Moulton

Eben S. Moulton '68, Chair
Cambridge, MA

Philip A. Swan

Philip A. Swan '84, Vice-Chair
Pasadena, CA

Susan S. Burghart

Susan S. Burghart '77, Secretary
Colorado Springs, CO

Board Members:

Acquisto, Kalen J. ’13: Colorado Springs, CO
Allon, Margaret S. ’81: Denver, CO
Baer, Neal A. ’78:Los Angeles, CA
Carroll, Heather L. ’89: Colorado Springs, CO
Chalik III, John P. ’67: Piedmont, CA
Cheney, Lynne V. ’63: Washington, DC
DeHerrera, Jerome A. ’97: Denver, CO
Haygood, Ryan P. ’97: Newark, NJ
Keller, Jeff ’91: Burlington, WI
Lonergan, James ’16: Dallas, TX
Manning Sr., Robert L.’69: Denver, CO
Martinez, Manuel L. ’74: Denver, CO
Mellum, Eric ’90: Minneapolis, MN
Pope, Karen R. ’70: Austin, TX
Press, Adam F. ’84: Los Angeles, CA
Rosendo, Antonio F.  ’02: Colorado Springs, CO
Ross, Robert J.:Oklahoma City, OK
Schluter, Christine M. ’65: Sanibel, FL
Selig Jr., Robert W.’61:Woodside, CA
Skilling, David van Diest ’55: Palm Desert, CA
Slade, Michael B. ’79: Seattle, WA
St John, Marc D. ’80: Chobham Surrey, ENGLAND
Stenovec, P. Andrew ’85: Orinda, CA
Thomson, Brian K. ’85: Denver, CO
Tiefenthaler, Jill M.: Colorado Springs, CO
Troubh, John B. ’79: New York, NY
Tutt Jr., R. Thayer:  Colorado Springs, CO
Wilbur, Colburn S.: Los Altos, CA
Williamson, Brian E. ’96: San Francisco, CA
Wold, John P. ’75:Denver, CO
Woodrow, Nancy C. ’68:  Scottsdale, AZ

Life Trustees

Campbell, William J. ’67: Denver, CO
Cooper, Daniel J. ’66: Buena Vista, CO
Hybl, William J. '64: Colorado Springs, CO
Lampton, David M.
: Washington, DC
Norberg, Douglas E. '62: Seattle, WA
Price, Harold C.: Scottsdale, AZ
Rawlings, Jane L. ’70: Pueblo, CO
Woolsey, Suzanne H.: Harwood, MD 

Honorary Trustee

Salazar, Kenneth L. '77: Denver, CO

Emeritus Trustees

Duncan, Susan Schlessman ’52: Lakewood, CO
Schlosser, Nancy B. ’49:  Santa Barbara, CA
Ward, William R. ’64:  Castle Rock, CO


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