Class of 2025 Profile

Class of 2025

Chosen from a pool of 10,969 applicants, the Class of 2025 will arrive in mid-August and 628 students will begin their studies this fall.

For the ninth consecutive year, more than half of the applicant pool chose to apply either Early Decision (ED) or Early Action (EA). The overall admit rate went up slightly to 14.3% and the admit rates by round are as follows: 30.5% Early Decision I/II; 18.6% Early Action; 3.9% Regular Action.

For the eighth year in a row, more than a quarter of the incoming class self-identify as students of color (28%) and seven percent are international students. In the last decade, the population of students of color and international students has increased by more than 60% while 10% of our incoming class are first in their families to attend college.

Welcome to the Class of 2025!


Admitted Student Profile

Acceptance Rates

Overall 14.3%
Early Decision I 30.5%
Early Action 18.6%
Early Decision II 30.5%
Regular Action 3.9%

Median Test Scores

ACT Composite Range 29-33
SATR Combined Range 1280-1450

50% of the Class of 2025 did not submit testing 

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