President of the College

L. Song Richardson

President of the College
L. Song Richardson
Address: Spencer Center
Email: president@coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-6700
Office of the President

President's Cabinet


emily-chan.jpg Vice President and Dean of the Faculty
Professor of Psychology

Emily Chan
Address: Armstrong Hall
Email: echan@coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-6679
Office of the Dean of the Faculty

Admission and Financial Aid

Mark Hatch

Vice President for Enrollment
Mark Hatch
Address: Cutler Hall
Email: mhatch@coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-6805
Office of Admission
Office of Financial Aid



Vice President for Advancement
Mary Ann Graffeo
Address: Spencer Center
Email: mgraffeo@coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-6142



Vice President and Director of Athletics
Lesley Irvine
Address: El Pomar Sports Center
Email: lirvine@coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-6945


ToddMWoodward.jpg Vice President of Strategic Communications and Marketing
Todd Woodward
Address: Spencer Center
Email: twoodward@coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-6212
Office of Communications

Dean of the College


Vice President and Dean of the College
Professor of Economics
Pedro de Araujo
Address: Armstrong Hall
Email: pedro@coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-6687
Office of the Dean of the College

Finance and Administration

Lori Seager Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Lori Seager
Address: Spencer Center
Email: lseager@coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-6953
Finance & Administration

Human Resources

Ryan Simmons

Vice President for People & Workplace Culture
Ryan Simmons
Address: Spencer Center
Email: rsimmons@coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-6421
Office of Human Resources

Information Technology

Khaleel Gathers

Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Khaleel Gathers
Address: Spencer Center
Email: kgathers2023@coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-7998

President's Office


Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff
Manya Whitaker
Address: Spencer Center
Email: mwhitaker@coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-6169
Office of the President

Student Life

Lacy Karpilo

Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
Lacy Karpilo
Email: lkarpilo2023@coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-6801
Student Life

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The Work of the College series of events aims to build community and connection; increase decision-making transparency; clarify structures and decision-making; and offer campus community members the opportunity to dialogue with leadership.